Current Supplement Routine

Morning bottle, put on his bed before he wakes up – this is working, I can’t believe it! – Passionfruit Juice mixed with, Vit A, C, D & E, Gaba, DMG, Virastop, Theanine, Liverlife, Cellfood, GSE, Zinc, Folinic Acid, Inositol, Biotin, Calm Child Herbal

MB-12 injection snuck in somewhere during the early am.

Mixed into Arizona Iced-tea; Two teaspoons of vitamins and two teaspoons of the minerals – three times throughout the day.  I make 3 sippy cups in the morning, put one out for him and the other two in the fridge.  When he needs another, I just add the iced-tea and it’s done.  It’s freakin working – I can’t believe it.

Afternoon – yogurt juice mixed with culturelle, pro-bio defense and threelac – and also biotin, theanine and Calm Child herbal

Evening – bedtime bottle – passionfruit juice mixed with evening primrose oil, cod liver oil, virastop, theanine, iron, cellfood, liver life, selenium, , gaba and calm child herbal.

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