Thank you, Jim Carey

Boy, they’re stopping at nothing…. check this out…..
Last week, the New Mexico Dept of Health let kiddos and their parents into the Jim Carey movie, “Horton hears a Who!”, with a copy of their vaccination record.  If kids weren’t up to date, they had a clinic on site to vaccinate kids right there at the movies. 
I’m torn between thoughts of boy, what a slap in the face that is to star, Jim Carey, being his girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy, has gone public with her son’s recovery from autism due to his vaccinations – and wow, are they really this desperate?  Seriously parents, I hope you’re waking up to this – they are getting desperate with their tactics to keep everyone in line with their vaccination schedule – and that alone ought to tell you something.  Sadly, once your child becomes injured from a vaccine, these same people are no where to be found to help you and that includes your pediatrician.  (well, most of them)

Anyway, Jim Carey was able to quickly halt this campaign!!  Read the story here:

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