Bear with me, I’m changing supplements again!

and here’s why….  ever since I stopped the pro-biotics for 4-5 days and then restarted them (for his microbiology stool test) – something hasn’t been right.  Now, he apparently has strep bacteria and is showing signs of PANDAS, which he NEVER did before.  I just read that it’s been mentioned by parents who have noticed a connection between probiotics containing Streptococcus __________ and the symptoms of PANDAS coming out.   GEEZ!  This is not the first time this week I’ve removed a supplement, so guess what, I am starting OVER right now. 

 What have I removed this week?

  1. Kirkman Micellized Vitamin A – because theirs is the palmitate (synthetic) version.  I was just came across information from Bryan Jepson’s book, “Changing the Course of Autism” and he writes that Vitamin A should be taken in the –cis form and not the palmitate form.  He writes that absorption of the palmitate form is impaired if there are mucosal or pH problems in the gut, common in autistic children.  Vitamin A palmitate can deactivate the control switch of many metabolic pathways involved in vision and cell growth, can disrupt metabolism and hormonal regulation of lipids, proteins and glycogen.
  2. Kirkman Iron – because it shouldn’t really be taken unless his ferritin is low, which I don’t know at this time. Andy Cutler has suggested that the body is keeping iron low in order totry to control some of the oxidative damage that is going on and in his experience, chelating usually brings it up.  Should his labs suggest needed an iron supplement in the future, we will revisit this in the future.
  3. Kirkman Pro-Bio Defense – because it has Streptococcus thermophilus, which apparently is a variation of a strep bacteria and from what I have read, other parents are reporting that adding supplements with any strep-variation bacteria are manifesting PANDAS symptoms – so, it’s gone.  I wasn’t planning on re-purchasing this one anyway since I will be starting the two below instead, but still!!!!!!!!  (By the way, since our stopping the pro-biotics and restarting them, Nicholas has had PANDAS symptoms appear all of a sudden, so I’m not taking any chances.)
  4. Kirkman Folinic Acid – because he gets plenty of folinic acid from other sources that he does not need any additional
  5. Culturelle Probiotic – As soon as this one runs out, I will not be re-purchasing it.  It is not legal on the SCD diet, which I am beginning to implement.
  6. Cellfood – Since I don’t know what’s truly in this, I can’t give this to him any longer.  I’ve spoken with lots of parents who have seen great things, but it’s been long enough and we’re not seeing miracles happen here with it, so it’s gone!
  7. Threelac – Once I get started into the SCD diet, it’s gone as it is not SCD legal.  If we need to revisit using this again in the future, we will.

What have I added recently?

  1. Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil – to replace the Kirkman Micellized Vitamin A
  2. Nordic Naturals EPA – to balance out the DHA/EPA ratio

What will I be adding this coming week?

  1. Kirkman Lactobacillus Acidophilus – I need to add an SCD-legal probiotic to replace the ones I’ve removed
  2. Kirkman SACCHAROMYCES BOULARDII – this is a non-pathogenic yeast which will help the GI tract, also SCD-legal.

What have I reduced the dosage on?

  1. Vitamin World Vitamin E d-alpha tocopheryl – down to 400IU (I want to see how his language does on this dose – when I increased to 800 IU initially, I saw a big surge in language)
  2. Carlson’s Vitamin D – down to 400IU (he’s getting plenty through his multi vitamins, so no need for a huge amount)

Which supplement brands are being switched so they’re SCD-legal?

  1. Kirkman Vit C is being replaced by Nutricology Buffered Vitamin C powder
  2. Twin Labs Zinc is being replaced by Kirkman Zinc Bio-Max Series
  3. Vitamin Shoppe L-Theanine is being replaced by Enzymatic Therapy L-Theanine  (I don’t think Theanine is legal, but without it, we’re in hyper-hell)
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