First HBOT appointment

We went for our first HBOT dive and training today, because we have decided to rent a chamber for a month to see how Nicholas does with it.  Well, after spending over $100 bucks at Toys R Us last night, I was able to get him to get in with me with little problem really.  (SHOCKING, all in itself that he actually got in.) He did really good drinking his juice and eating his juice snack treats (to pop his ears during the pressure) and we did really well for a little while.  Then all hell broke loose.  He saw the zipper loop hanging down and just had to pull it.  I fought him for what felt like an eternity, both of us dripping wet with sweat – he was screaming, crying, yelling in my ear – he just wanted to get out.  So, that ended that session.

So, we tried again with Daddy – and he did better this time, but did get ansy and wanted to get out at as well.

We left for lunch and went back and he did much better this time.  We’re almost to an hour with him, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

 Right now, we’re not even trying the the mask on his face.  We’re holding the oxygen tube about 6 inches away from his mouth – and when he notices us, we have to pull away and inch up again.

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