We’re MIA – on a spaceship to Mars

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, we’ve spent the last week doing HBOT with Nicholas.  We’ve been doing 1.5 hour dives twice a day – and we’re being optimistic that it’s working because we are already seeing gains. 

After one week of HBOT, we are seeing a different child emerge.  Where he used to say “help” – we’re getting “Help Me Please Mommy”.  He’s even going to the freezer, pointing at the blue dino-nuggets bag and saying, “More Chicken Please Mommy” – and yesterday, I added nuggets in there, “More chicken nuggets please mommy”   We’re getting “Thank you” out of him consistently.  And almost every time I ask him for a kiss, I actually get one.

He’s sitting in the HBOT with his portable DVD and when he’s done with the one he’s watching, he says, “DVD mom” – I ask him which one, Diego, Thomas, Trains, Jay Jay, etc – and he actually ANSWERS me – I hand him the dvd, he opens the player, takes out the old one, puts in the new one and gives me back the old one.

He’s engaging us constantly – having fun, laughing, starting conversations – which is so impressive.  and we’re understanding more of his words.  The gibberish is turning into real words we can actually comprehend and appropriately respond to instead of pretending to know what he means, when we really don’t.

His eye contact is at a much higher level than it was before – he seeks us out constantly for attention.  Last night, the grandmas and grandpas were over for grandma’s birthday and he wanted people around him in the livingroom whether it was playing or watching TV.  He doesn’t want to spend long periods of time by himself anymore. 

On May 13th, he threw a toy which hit a friend of ours in the foot causing him to say, ‘Ouch!’ – Mom told Nicholas to say, ‘I’m Sorry” – Nicholas turned to our friend and said, “Sorry Russ” – we were just blown away.  Not only did he get that he did something wrong, but he put the Ouch together with what he needed to be sorry for. 

On the 12th, he repeated mom when she said, ‘got it babe?’  (in addition to everything else he’s been repeating)

On the 15th, he started with the larger sentences like “more chicken please mommy” and “more iced tea please mommy”

He ran out to grandma’s car and said, “hi mom, how are you?”  (He calls his grandma’s mom too – which I hope he calls them grandma soon)

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