Green Our Vaccines Rally – Washington DC

Well, we’re back from Washington DC! All of us had a fantastic time and were so happy that we had the opportunity to stand up and be heard! The weather held out for the walk and the rally, which was amazing since it had been thunderstorming before and after. We’re all sunburn – but still had an excellent time! I am so very glad we went – it was just a pleasure to walk amongst and meet so many different people all brought together for the same reason. The energy there was amazing.

As we were walking to the rally, we had stopped to take a few pictures in front of the Washington monument and when we continued walking, there was a woman standing on top of the wall trying to figure out what we were lining up for…. I turned to her and said, “safer vaccines and a safer vaccination schedule” She looked incredibly pissed off at that answer to which I said, “vaccines have harmed all of our children” – She literally screamed “That is SO not true!” with such intensity it was as if she was a vaccine researcher herself (or perhaps someone who financially benefits from them in some way). She then said to her friend, ‘let’s go” and she literally RAN AWAY. She RAN AWAY. So, she’s furious that we’re there standing up for what we witnessed first hand – and can’t even say anything other than it’s not true before she puts her tail between her legs and runs away. I have news for her…. with the additional vaccines they’re starting to require, it won’t be long before she witnesses it first hand herself. Same goes for anyone else who seems to firmly believe that we are crazy, that vaccine injury is not possible. It just hurts me to think of the kids that will be effected. These are children. Babies. Innocent children brought into this world who didn’t deserve to be harmed at all, much less by the vaccines we gave them to protect them.

Standing talking to different people about what they’ve been through, what treatments they’ve tried, how much money they’ve already spent on getting thier children back was heartbreaking and comforting all at the same time.  We’re all in the same boat together and it felt like one big family.   It made me wonder how much profit they actually made off of my son’s vaccines – writing the pediatrician and big pharma a check would have been much cheaper than the money we’ve already spent on doctors, testing, supplements, therapies, hbot, etc.  The money that should have gone into my son’s college fund and our retirement fund is gone because of sheer greed.

 Dr. Jay Gordon spoke first asking the crowd the following questions….

“Before your child got vaccinated, did your child sit down with you and explain vaccine dosages and timings and side effects?”  NO!

‘When your child was diagnosed after vaccination, you doctor owed you a hug and an apology, did you get that hug?”  NO!

“The Insurance Industry should have given you an even bigger hug… They should have said you know, “Thank you for paying your premiums for all of these years.  Dont worry about the cost.  Dont worry about the money.  You take care of your child and your family. We got the cost.”  Did you get a hug from your insurance company?”  NO!

 “The American Academy of Pediatrics, the CDC, the FDA, they all owed you hugs.  Are they protecting us? ” NO! “from a large overdose of vaccinations given too soon”

The Pharmaceutical Industry; of course all of them wanted to sit down with you and talk to you, they wanted to know how we could make things safer, they wanted your opinion, is that right?” NO! “Did they hug you?” NO!

“Vaccines as they are presently formulated are toxic enough to cause autism and other neuro-immune disorders. It’s very simple.  Are we anti-vaccine?  No, we’re not.  Trying to label us as anti-vaccine is a trick. It allows them to try to get rid of us more easily.  The doctors fear we’ll give and the parents might accept vaccines that were much safer, tested far better and given much slower.”

“If we had a burning house with children in danger, we wouldnt sit outside and discuss it, we’d get the children out of the house.  We have a dangerous situation right now and we have to act.  The time for debate is over.  We have to do something.”

“Measles..measles, there have been 65 cases of confirmed measles in the United States this year. 65 cases in a country of 300 million people.  Measles has been in the NY Times and every other newspaper 20 times for the past months.  If I had a press agent that good, I would have been the Beatles!”

“The Time Magazine article, I think that the Time Magazine article was a spoof of responsible journalism.  If you read it, it led off by talking about the Hib vaccine and then they called Hib a virus.  Hib is a bacteria, that’s a big difference.  Anything after that that this writer wrote is invalid.  She didn’t know what she was talking about.  It’s as if you had picked up a story about cooking and they meant to talk about chocolate chip cookies and they started talking about chicken.  She was irresponsible.  We have to focus on the risks.”

“I’ve been a pediatrician in private practice for nearly 30 years.  I take care of children and families every day of my life.  I have no special expertise in Autism like the great Dr. Kartzinel.  I am not an infectious disease expert either.  My expertise is this…. I abandoned the routine vaccine schedule in 1980, 28 years ago.  I did not stop giving vaccines.  I did begin looking for a safer way to vaccinate, right now I give very few vaccines.  I’ve watched children reactions over the first few minutes, over the first few hours… I’ve followed their health over weeks, months and years.  I get countless… hundreds of emails, 2nd opinion consultations, phone calls about children harmed by vaccines.  I get dozens of phone calls from doctors who really didn’t want to talk to me.  Many of them don’t really like me, but they knew that I would listen to their stories about strange and tragic vaccine reactions that they never expected to see.  The current vaccine schedule does create immunity to many diseases, this could be a good thing.  But I am afraid that the way we are doing this, the way we’re vaccinating, might actually diminish a child’s overall health.  On what do I base this?? on nearly 30 years of watching and then most importantly, listening to you!  Listening to parents.  Of all the strange things, more than any medical school class, more than any resident training, more than any book I’ve ever read, I’ve learned more from you.  No one knows your child better than you do.”

“Here’s something unusual and a little bit interesting.. this is the only area of medicine, vaccines are the only area  of medicine where we deny side effects.  If I give you amoxicillin for a urinary tract infection, I do it sincerely.  I think you need it.  I apologize about the rash, the diarrhea, the cramps, and the inevitable yeast infection but I really think you need that amoxicillin, and I really think it will work.  But 6 vaccines given to your 10 pound daughter.  Doctors tell you before the shots that there are no side effects.  And that the seizures, maybe the autism that results, are not proven and are undoubtedly coincidental.  Coincidental, do you believe that?”  NO!

 “Your child is a real living breathing unique special beloved person.  Autism is not a coincidence and your child is not a coincidence.  I’ve seen children change from vibrant talking kids to silent distant children after vaccination.  And then I’ve watched parents work their tails off; a gluten-free, casein free diet, supplements, hours of therapy and bring back their child’s language and their child’s smiles.  I’ve watched it happen.  Vaccines and the current schedule can cause autism and hard-working loving parents can help children recover.”

“Something else interesting, something else amazing.  This is the only area of medicine, vaccination, where your 6 week old baby boy and I, a 180 pound man get the same dose of medication.  A polio vaccine, the same dose.  Does anybody believe this is the best way to vaccinate?”  NO!

“When I get a dose of mercury in a flu shot, well I wouldn’t, if I were to get a dose of mercury in a flu shot, or aluminum, that’s bad enough, but does anybody believe that that same amount of aluminum or that same amount of mercury think those things are safe for a 25 pound toddler?  Aluminum!  There is still mercury in many common vaccines, but aluminum, there’s enough aluminum in there to cause harm.  The FDA puts a ceiling, a limit, of about 50 micrograms a day.  Aluminum irritates cells, it irritates brain cells.  Maybe some of you are aware of aluminum because of the possible and the plausable connection to Alzheimers Disease. ”

…more of my favorite quotes coming soon!


 After the rally, we went to the hotel bar/restaurant to grab some lunch.  When a group wearing the Green our Vaccines shirts passed the windows we were facing, a woman at the table next to us started talking about all of our children as if we were nothing.  She said, “These people need to just accept that their child has autism and stop expecting our government to give them a hand out.  Autism effects only 1% of kids – so why would we go into more debt to help them? Our federal deficit is high enough.”  Wow.  Wow. Wow.  The statements she was making were purely heartless and untrue – and this is indicative of how many of the people not in our club feel.  I have found that there are three schools of thought when it comes to this issue, 1 – people around us agree that vaccine ingredients can cause autism, 2 – parents who are concerned enough to do their own research and then vaccinate slowly (which is really what we’re asking) and 3 – people who don’t want to take the time to see the evidence of harm for themselves and just put up a wall because after all, we are all crazy uneducated parents who don’t know what we’re talking about.  She went on to say more, but I had a choice here – starting a battle with some person in a restaurant would have made us all look like crazy lunatics, which we are not.  So I left, because she’s not the person we have to get our message across to.  Same thing with the woman from earlier today, Autism will affect her sooner or later.

Here we are at the Washington Monument before joining the line up for the rally:

Mom, Grandma and Grandma

The line – we got there pretty early – look how many people were already there – wow!!

Waiting to March

The Lineup

Here are Nicholas’s grandmothers waiting to march:


Off we go…..








Mommy at the Capitol:

With my sign at the Capitol

At the Capitol











Dr Jay Gordon:

Dr Jay Gordon

Robert F Kennedy, Jr:

Robert F Kennedy, Jr

Jim Carey:

Jim Carey

Jenny McCarthy:

Jenny McCarthy

Jim, Jenny and her son, Evan:

Jenny, Jim & Evan

End of Rally:


Nicholas’s Grandmother’s at the Capitol

The Capitol Building

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  1. rei says:

    This is awesome! Do you live in the area? I live in the Northern VA/DC Metro area and had no idea that this took place. I’ll have to make sure to participate next year!

  2. Mom says:

    No, I live in New Jersey, so it was a nice getaway for the girls of the family. I’ll be sure to let you know if I hear of another one – it was an amazing day! The energy there was unbelievable – I had such a positive experience.

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