Update on Nicholas

Nicholas continues to do really well. We started Nizoral (ditched the Nystatin, it didn’t work AT ALL for him) and his speech is much clearer than before and we can understand him really well now. Conversation with him is getting longer and he’s just so engaging!

We had a few days in there where we missed some hbot sessions, but we’re back on track. Nicholas is actually asking to get into his “spaceship” – we are so thankful for this!

Tonight, he was taking a bath and wanted me to get in and play with him. So I did. How could I not? “Mommy, come in and play”

He uses the potty and then says, “flush potty all done” then ‘wash hands mommy’

He is loving the Party dvd from Bear in the Big Blue House – now he’s blowing out my candles saying “happy birthday” – so very cute. “Blow candles, mommy, happy birthday”

I’ll be back later to add more as I remember them.

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