Cybill, are you there??

So, Saturday was a fantastic day. Nicholas and Mommy dropped Daddy off at the airport for his flight to Wisconsin for work. Then, we headed to the park. Nicholas was making friends and trying desperately to get new words out to the other kids at the park. We were over by the swings and he was swinging for a while and after getting off, as I bent down to grab my keys, he got right in the line of the girl swinging next to him and she flattened him to the ground. It wasn’t her fault. He cried for a good 5 minutes, then he was fine. It seemed like she really knocked the hell out of him, but when I took him to Grandma and Grandpa’s to go swimming afterward, I rubbed suntan lotion all over him and he didn’t flinch or give me any signs he was hurting. He had a few red marks on him – nothing too bad considering.

We spent the afternoon in the pool at Grandma & Grandpa’s house. It took us a while to get Nicholas in – he kept climbing into his play sink outside, but finally, he did get in. Then he clung to the ladder for a long time. He used to sit on the ladder in our pool last year and play – and he just never seemed to want to move past it last year. I don’t really believe it’s a comfort thing, I think it’s just what HE wants to do and when he gets an idea in his head – forget it.

So, today was another story, entirely. And since we started the IP6 on Friday (which by the way, a friend of ours came over and asked what I changed because he was so different) – I don’t know if he’s acting this way today because of the IP6 or because of the chlorine. Crap.

So, Nicholas and I get dressed and Nicholas says he wants Pizza. So Mommy decides to take Nicholas out for pizza. (what the heck was I thinking?) We go, park the car and get out, walk down to the restaurant. On the sidewalk on the way to the pizzeria, a store was having a sidewalk sale, so it was a bit of a pain getting through. We went in, got a table and I ordered the pizza. Nicholas decides he wants to go back outside and here we go. I was able to get him by one of their outdoor tables long enough to call inside and let them know we were outside. Pizza finally came out and he sat and ate like an angel. When we were done, getting him into the car wasn’t too much trouble.

So, we took a ride to a park, a different park from yesterday – he also likes the one at the school, so we went there. He had a fantastic time and then decided he was done. So we got in the car, drove home and Nicholas’s new thing is telling us to drive. He didn’t want to get out of the car. So, Mommy said, let’s go for ice cream. So, off we went.

Pulled into DQ, and luckily, there was no line. I got some ice cream and tried to get Nicholas to come into the front seat to share it with me. He squealed when I undid his seat belt. So I had to hand him spoons of ice cream from the front seat. No biggie. As I am backing out to drive, Nicholas decides to unfasten his seat belt and jump in the front seat. Here’s where the fun begins. I pull back into DQ and spend the next 45 minutes trying to get him back into his seat. Brutal. Did I mention it was like 102 degrees out? I figured giving him a bottle of iced tea would get him calm enough to put back into his seat, so I wait for the line to disappear and run over to get some. Nicholas decides to open the car door and get out, so I have to run and get him, then go back and get the drink. Fiasco. I finally get him in his seat, with a new drink, so we pull out of DQ and are at the stop light. Nicholas again decides to unbuckle his seat belt. (I look next to me and there’s a state trooper – don’t look this way buddy, last thing I need is a ticket!) At the next light, which was a few feet away, I was able to get him rebuckled and I reversed the release button on the latch, so he would have a tough time if he tried again.

So, I figured we’d head towards the airport praying that Daddy’s flight will arrive soon. If not, I would just head to the terminal where we can park and watch the planes come in. Daddy called before we got there, so we picked him up and headed home.

Nicholas continued to be a handful for the rest of the night. Everything was difficult. He clearly could not understand what we were saying to him. He seemed like he was in a cloudy haze.

At 10, I went to put him in bed and he wanted to go in his spaceship instead. So, Mommy got him in there and we stayed in for 2 hours. (figured he would fall asleep sometime, but he didn’t) – when we got out, he got right back in and wanted to stay in there. We had to let him fall asleep in there twice and then pick him up to carry him upstairs. He would crawl up in a ball at the top end of the chamber, so we couldn’t grab him from where we were. By the time we got him in bed it was after 1am (and we didn’t even get him in bed, he’s sleeping on the couch!) Just glad today is over and I hope when he wakes up in the morning, he’s back to being my child.

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6 Responses to “Cybill, are you there??”

  1. debinIL says:

    Are you doing the GFCF diet? My kid goes bonkers when he has any gluten or cows milk. I’ve been reading since June, checked out November archives…I didn’t read why you’re not on a special diet for him (yet).

  2. Mom says:

    Hi Deb. Yes, we tried the GFCF diet and we really saw no difference. We did, however, see a difference after I stopped giving him milk in his bottle. I thought since we saw a difference after stopping the milk, that the rest was a no-brainer, but removing the casein completely – nada, no difference. We are working on implementing the Specific Carbohydrate Diet at the moment, so I’m sure I’ll be posting about that soon. (I’m still adding things into the archives from my notes – as you can imagine, life gets the best of me 🙂
    We started Nicholas on a new supplement the other day and I believe it’s either this supplement or a reaction to chlorine (as we hadn’t been swimming yet this summer) – so it’s either one or the other causing the craziness. If I had to venture a guess, I’m guessing it’s the new supplement.
    How’s your kiddo doing?? Thanks for taking the time to post!!

  3. debinIL says:

    It’s comforting seeing another parent going through Biomend (typo, but I’ll keep it). We’re GFCF, supplements, probiotics, enzymes, mB12 shots and nalaxalone (sp?) cream. he’s never been vaccinated, but he has mercury in him (??? my dental fillings?) and the one chemical found in bedding (antimony?). I’m too lazy to get the tests for the spelling. So the other day I looked and sure enough, his mattress, pad, sheets are all flame retardent and artificial. I think I’ll get a vinyl cover for the mattress and get a thick organic pad to go on top, then get the green sheets for him.
    I think blogging will keep a better log of my kids up and downs. When I get organized.
    His name is Nate and he’s 3.75 years old. Not diagnosed yet, working on finding a friendly doctor/team, and I’ve contacted the school to initiate (hopefully) speech/language and OT before a dx. He’s high functioning, and biomeds keeping him there, but not progressing with peers.

  4. Mom says:

    Biomend – what a typo! Does it get more truthful than that? 🙂
    You definately do not want to put a vinyl cover on his bed. (more off-gassing fumes to inhale, which you do not want.) There is a way to safely cover his mattress, so he no longer inhales/absorbs any more of the flame retardant in that mattress. I’ll grab that info and post it later. Don’t forget, no more buying pajamas which are loaded with chemicals too – you need to buy the snug-fitting ones which usually will say they are NOT flame retardant. (just in case you weren’t already aware,)
    Are you positive that he was never vaccinated?? Not even the hep shot at birth? (Just in case you weren’t aware of the birth vax – lots of parents didn’t even know about it.) Your fillings would definately be a possibility.
    Blogging has been an absolutely wonderful way for me to keep track of everything. The details are overwhelming as I am sure you already know.
    A friendly doctor is not an easy thing to come by these days – I totally understand what you’re going through there.
    Which test did you do to know he has mercury & antimony?

  5. debinIL says:

    I have to research the vinyl, I’ve read the gases dramatically decrease after a day or two of airing out…I’m not doing anything until I can be comfortable. He wears a cotton t-shirt and night time diaper to bed, nothing more. Maybe in the winter sweatpants. I had both my boys born in our home with a doctor and they were aware we didn’t want vaccinations. The head doctor is very vocal about vaccinations and challenges the need for them. He’s written a few books. The practice is very supportive of the parents choice when it comes to shots.
    He had the hair test to determine what’s in him/coming out (among others).

  6. Mom says:

    Wow, two home births – that is awesome!! You are very lucky to have found a doctor so supportive to your wants.
    I was curious to the specific name of the hair test. Did you run the Hair Elements test? or just the Toxic one?

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