Discontinued Cell-Food… FOREVER!

A while back, I had gone looking for the ingredients list of one of Nicholas’s supplements that I had heard rave reviews about and decided to try… Cellfood. Well, I couldn’t find the ingredients, so I discontinued giving it to him because I was switching his supplements to be SCD-legal. I recently started him back on it since we haven’t gone SCD yet, and was alerted to the ingredient list, which you can find here: CellFood Ingredients

Two ingredients, technecium and promethium are radioactive. Thallium is another ingredient. Antimony is another. I didn’t feel the need to continue researching each ingredient, I am completely sick to my stomach.

For more info, read this: Andy Cutler’s Post on Cellfood

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4 Responses to “Discontinued Cell-Food… FOREVER!”

  1. Mom says:

    As of today, Lumina Health still has these radioactive ingredients listed on their website. The only thing that has changed since August 2008 is the addition of Lithium to their ingredients list. Funny thing is that Lumina Health’s CEO acknowledged their error in listing these ingredients in an email to Brainchild Nutritionals and said it was only an error — but yet, they manage to edit their website to add Lithium, but don’t remove the other two which there was an uproar about online. I guess they are ingredients afterall, so they can’t remove them from the list.

    So, for our kids with Autism, who have a high enough body burden of toxins, don’t add radioactive elements to the list.

  2. Radioactive Man says:

    I was shocked to realise that this Cellfood stuff contains radioactive elements. I started taking it after a naturopath recommended it to me after I got a baseline analysis test. I didn’t question it and happily purchased one dropper bottle.

    I started taking it at 8 drops 2x a day for about a week and a half before I actually read the little booklet that it came with.

    Actinium, *POLONIUM*, promethium, thorium and technetium are just some of the radioactive elements supposedly contained in Cellfood. Even if they are TRACE elements in minute amounts, they’re still not something you would want to ingest. These elements play no known biological role in the human body.

    So many people are taking Cellfood and raving about how good it is!!! I feel sick to my stomach that I’ve ingested this shit.

    (I have nothing to do with autism, I came across this thread while trying to find any information/testimonials about the radioactive elements contained in Cellfood).

  3. Mom says:

    Thanks for your post Radioactive Man. You would be blown away to find out how many parents are still giving their children this garbage despite this. It truly makes me sick.

  4. Charlotte Houston says:

    All my family takes and loves Cellfood, but it just didn’t feel right for me.
    I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 about 10 years ago, have had a long struggle, and have had real benefits from a low salicylate,largely un-processed diet.
    Had an anxiety reaction from a vitamin B complex tablet over summer!
    It’s good to hear these words of caution about this mysteriously complex supplement as I am a bit suspicious about it.
    At the very least, I believe we each have unique chemical compositions and our funny tastes and preferences should be respected.
    Congratulations on all your efforts, and on this site. I’ll be recommending it to friends with similarly challenged kids.
    Charlotte Houston.

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