We survived grocery shopping!

So, we just got home from grocery shopping and Nicholas is getting into his spaceship with Grandma. We took Nicholas to the grocery store tonight – and I can honestly say that we survived a pretty long grocery trip without a tantrum and without my back feeling like it is going to break and every muscle in my body aching. In the past, I have gone shopping late in the evening by myself because shopping with Nicholas was just too excruciating to bear. It would start off fine and after 5 minutes, all hell would break loose.

Tonight, we got out of the car at Shop-Rite and Nicholas wanted to sit in the back of the shopping cart. So, we went through the fruit/veggie section for a little while, then he wanted to get out. Nicholas LOVES apples and he was in heaven with all of the different kinds of apples, so he would pick an apple from each area and throw it in the cart while I would follow and put it right back. When we got to the apples I wanted to buy, I got a bag, opened it, had him hold it – and then asked him to pick three apples. He did it – counting ONE, TWO, THREE. Three Mommy. Three Apples Mommy. 🙂 Then we did the same thing with oranges, which he has recently started eating.

I got him to get back into the cart – WITHOUT a struggle. Did I just say that? Really? No struggle. He’s listening to me, I never thought that would happen. I wandered slowly around the store putting things in the cart. Slowly. Deliberately slow. Just to see. In the past, Nicholas would be okay for a little while if I sped-shopped. (Speed Shopping: have a mental picture of everything you need, don’t backtrack, go in and do one lap without stopping the shopping cart, tops is 10 minutes – maybe 15 if you find a toy in the store that interests him) Nope, Nicholas was an angel. He sat in the cart, for the first time ever, taking things in – pointing to stuff he wanted and asking for it. “i want that please mommy” – so, I would appease him, hand him what he asked for and then later just re-shelf the unwanted item when he wasn’t looking. (baby steps here, in the future I’ll say no)

At the checkout, he started putting the stuff on the conveyor with me – and was helping the girl run the food over the scanner. Very cute. All while talking a mile a minute to her and everyone around. Nicholas starts conversations with people – he no longer shies away from them. All with his bubbling, happy, smiling personality… I couldn’t have been more proud.

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  1. debinIL says:

    🙂 YEY!

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