Our Toys R Us excursion

So, we took Nicholas to Toys R Us today to see how he would do. And to also scope out what he might like for his upcoming birthday. We shopped, he shopped, we put his shopping back on the shelves :-), checked out and got in the car. Even changed his pull-up somewhere in between. No tantrums. No screaming. Nothing. Nothing short of amazing. Another long shopping trip – over 2 hours. Yes, hours. Not minutes… not seconds… hours!

At one point while we were in the store, there was a child screaming bloody murder and all the devil inside of me could do was smile. Not because the child was screaming, but because for ONCE, it was not my child screaming. Yeah, and, it’s nice to hear that even NT kiddos scream like hell too.

It was interesting to let Nicholas have the run of the store and see what he would do. I was pretty impressed with his choices – and a few were not ones I would have looked twice at, but he seemed to really be interested in them….. some of which are already in the trunk of my car until his birthday. 🙂

At one point, we were down one aisle which had a train set geared towards a younger child. Wouldn’t you know, all 4 of the boxes that were on the shelf had different trains in them. Nicholas proceeded to load up my cart with all 4. They went back on the shelf. He ended up back in that aisle and started grabbing them again. “Nicholas, pick one” “No, two Mommy.” “One, Nicholas” “No, I want two Mommy” “Nicholas, pick one train” “No, I want two trains Mommy, not one” Um……. are you kidding me? Did I dream this? Nope, I did not. He actually said all of that. So, I let them put them both in the cart, and you know, of course, he went back for the other two. And when he wasn’t looking, all 4 went back on the shelf. But boy, that was impressive.

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2 Responses to “Our Toys R Us excursion”

  1. LouCee says:

    I *love* this –
    “Nicholas, pick one” “No, two Mommy.” “One, Nicholas” “No, I want two Mommy” “Nicholas, pick one train” “No, I want two trains Mommy, not one”

  2. Mom says:

    Thanks Lou! I still can’t believe that he said all of that.

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