Out to dinner….

So, Grandma and Mommy (me) took Nicholas out to dinner tonight. Not burger king, not McDonalds – we took a step up to Fuddruckers. Which by the way, we had been to before and it was nothing short of a sensory nightmare for Nicholas. Well, last night showed me just how far we had truly come. At first, Nicholas ran in, saw the soda machine and wanted to set up shop there, but I was able to get him away from it in a reasonable amount of time and WITHOUT a tantrum. We went into the side that has the kiddy games and such and Nicholas ran around with the other kids checking out the games. When the food came out, he came to the table and sat down and ate with us. I did not have to shove him in the end of a booth while he’s screaming to get out. He got up on a chair, sat down, and started eating. When he was done, he wanted to go back and play, but I stalled him a bit because I was still eating. No issues, no tantrums. In the past, it has been do what Nicholas wants immediately or else!!! Anyway, we let him play again for a little while, then we told him we had to go back to Mommy’s truck – and that was pretty much it. Yes, we survived yet another outing. No tantrums, no embarassing moments, no crying, no dragging Nicholas out, nothing. Amazing.

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