Round 3 is behind us!

We finished round 3 early this morning. We added ALA this round. I started with 8mg ALA along with the 8mg DMSA and it seemed to cause stomach upset when given when he didn’t have something to eat with it. So, I cut the ALA down to half of that and started giving him snacks at the same time. That seemed to work since we didn’t see any other stomach upset.

By Sunday, Nicholas was amazing. We had such a good time with him just hanging around the house. He started playing with us – egging us on to chase him around – playing hide and seek – it was amazing. He seemed so vividly clear, it was one of those nights where you don’t want to put him to bed! So we took him out to dinner. I know he likes the games at Fuddruckers, so we took him there. He had a blast! This time I actually made sure I had plenty of quarters, so he played all kinds of video games, played with the crane (which he loves and got lots of useless crappy junk toy prizes that we left behind for the next kid). He came and ate for a little while, then he was off and running back to the games to play more. When it was time to leave, he walked out (didn’t have to be carried), no tantrum, no crying – got into his seat in the car and that was it.

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3 Responses to “Round 3 is behind us!”

  1. Mimoza says:

    Hi! Congratulation on the 3rd round of chelation!
    I would like to ask about “Hair Test Interpretation Book” by Andy Cutler. Is it helpful?
    Thanks again for the chicken nuggets link !

  2. Mom says:

    Yes, it is very helpful in reading the specific hair test that you can order through (hair elements, not just the toxic one)
    I reference this book in one way or another all the time.
    It helped me uncover other issues Nicholas was having such as adrenal issues too.

    I just got the new 2008 vesion of Biological Treatments for Autism & PDD by Dr William Shaw – and it’s a great one to pick up too. I just got it today and I am half way through it – has so much valuable information – I will have to read it a 2nd time! You can order this from the same place as the hair test book., I believe (The website says it’s the old version, but it’s actually the new version that you’ll get.)
    You’re welcome about the chicken nuggets!!

  3. Mimoza says:

    Thanks, I will buy both.

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