Another Amazing Day!

So, add today to the list of amazing days lately. It seems like we are on a roll – and I hope this is the beginning of a good long amazing stretch!

Lots of differences were noticeable with Nicholas today….

  • Early today, we were in the hbot chamber and the dvd player died. We had about 20 minutes left to go and I really wanted to make it to the finish line and not get out early. Nicholas and I fooled around, tickled, and just spent 20 minutes laughing and having a good time. In the past, had that happened, he would have wanted to get out instantly to get the new battery for his dvd player. There would have been no fooling him into staying in there without it.
  • For no reason at all, other than to be silly, I said “one potato two potato three potato four” – I was just fooling around being funny trying to make Nicholas laugh. He put up his fists and started playing with me (I was only saying it, I wasn’t doing the hand motions) – and reciting it. Then, he continued, “five potato six potato seven potato more” – Where he got this from, I have no idea – my only guess is school. But wow. This was so unexpected. When daddy got home, I told him to say “one potato” and Nicholas promptly did it again.
  • We took a ride to see Nicholas’s grandparents tonight. We don’t get there often, but both of Nicholas’s grandparent’s houses are loaded with toys for him for when he’s there. When we got there earlier today, the only toy out was his Geotrax Train Station. That would usually last him 30-45 minutes, then he would be looking for more. He’d be headed to the attic to pull down ALL of his other toys – and by the time we would have left, it would have looked like Toys R Us the day after Christmas. Not today. He played with that train set, sat at the table nicely playing play doh with us, played with the train set some more. It was almost shocking. No trips to the attic for more toys. No trying to hold Nicholas back from him going into their attic. He was a perfect angel. Perfect.
  • So, we’re on the way home and we have quite a ride since my parents live about an hour and a half away from us. We left late and Nicholas watched his Curious George dvd all the way home. He was animated like never before. Talking back, laughing, you name it. At one point, he was yelling “watch out” at the screen. When we pulled into the driveway, he said, “Mommy’s what’s that?” as he pointed at the screen. He said it twice – clear as a bell. Since I was driving, I have no idea what he was asking about, but I’m just so happy he asked the question – and I hope there are many more coming.
  • With days like today, who can blame us for NOT wanting to ever put our son to bed? Here’s to tomorrow. 🙂

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