What do you predict the rate of autism will be in NJ by December 2010?

As you may or may not already know, NJ has mandated the addition of new vaccinations to the schedule this year. One being the flu shot which is to be given to babies and school-aged children from 6 months of age through 59 months. So, if your child is school aged or is in daycare, it’s either vaccinate or….. (file a religious exemption! You can do it, but they’ll never inform you of your options when it comes to vaccinations.)

The rate of autism in NJ boys currently stands at 1 in 60.

So, let’s try to look down the road a couple of years – when those 6 month old babies who received not one flu shot, but two this year (first dose is two shots), one in 2009 and one in 2010 – and they are just turning 2.5 years old in November/December of 2010. And let’s not forget the enormous push this year for all pregnant women to get the flu shot – so that’s the first one before they are even born. Are their pediatricians still going to tell tell moms not to worry because boys talk later than girls and let’s wait and see? Will those same pediatricians think nothing of the rapidly increasing amount of kids with developmental delays during such a short time frame of 2008 to 2010? Will they still turn a blind eye and say, “vaccines are perfectly safe, this is genetic, stop looking for someone to blame”?

But, my real question is, what do you predict the rate of autism will be in New Jersey by December 2010? and even better yet, What do you think the excuse will be from those on the side of “the studies have already been done – there is no link”? Even better diagnosis than what they’re saying now – or wait, perhaps they’ll attribute the increase to an influx of pediatric neurologists into the state of NJ, hence relieving the long waiting lists and they’ll say they’re able to diagnose more children per day than ever before because there are simply more neurologists doing autism diagnosis.

Do you think they’re already meeting to discuss what the vaccines don’t cause autism propaganda marketing will look like in 2010 when this rate will rise in line with the mandate of the additional vaccines?

What about asthma? What about adhd? What about allergies? How will those rates climb? Will physicians still turn a blind eye because their belief system trusts the vaccine industry?

It makes me truly ill to think about all of the additional children that will be harmed because of this – but maybe, just maybe, some good will rise from it – when the link becomes absolutely undeniable that vaccines do cause autism. When a croud rallying for safer vaccines, a safer schedule or conscientious exemption turns from a small crowd into one so large that it can no longer be ignored.

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