Parent/Teacher Conference Today

We met with Nicholas’s teacher and speech therapist today. We combined the parent/teacher conference with his IEP meeting.

From his teacher: Nicholas has made so many gains since school started in September that it will be difficult to list them all. He is so happy being back in class. He sits in the hall with his classmates and waits for everyone to come. (He would never do this last year) He greets the teachers and classmates looking right in their faces. During circle time, Nicholas comes when called and bounces on the vestibular ball. He is so proud of himself that he breaks into the biggest dimpled smile he can make. I can call him first, last or in the middle and he comes. He uses language to have many of his needs met. He will come up to some teachers and call them by name. He loves his friends and is playing in a parallel manner with them. He does color and paint spontaneously this year enjoying the process.

Nicholas’s Goals and Objectives from last year have all gone from Introduced to Progressing, Progressing + and Mastered. She notes mastered skills: Accept and Follow simple rules, identify body parts, fit things together and take them apart, locate objects within the environment and accept and follow simple rules. She notes progressing + skills as: improve attention and concentration, improve listening skills, increase understanding of spoken or signed words, single words, and continuous speech, being to respond meaningfully to “no” “stop” “stand” “sit” “come here” etc. She notes progressing skills as: maintain eye contact with speaker, play with a variety of toys, improve self-help toilet skills. She has reintroduced objectives such as beginning to accept re-direction from adults and adjusts to new situations and to people and he has shown some progress in these areas as well.

He is showing trust in his teachers, demonstrating play skills with other children, follows classroom routines, follows classroom rules (most of the time). He observes objects and events with curiousity, explores cause and effect, uses writing tools, enjoys puzzles. He demonstrates basic locomotor skills such as running and jumping, he climbs up and down, he demonstrates throwing, catching and kicking, strengthens and controls small muscles in hands, uses tools for writing and drawing. He expresses himself using words, understands and follows simple oral directions, has been saying some 5 word sentences, can use language to get needs met, enjoys reading.

Areas of ongoing development include coordinating eye-hand movement and continuing to expand ability to answer “wh” questions.

From his speech therapist: Since the beginning of the 2008/9 school year, he is using significantly more words to communicate, he is following directions, and is willing to work with teachers during learning situations. She commented further that Nicholas is enjoying playing turn-taking games with her such as “mine” no “mine” no “mine”…. laughing the whole time. She commented that his speech has just exploded. He is progressing in all of his objectives with the exception of use of pronouns which has not been introduced as of yet.

Both of them seemed quite excited to report on Nicholas’s progress. Both said he was truly a different child from just one year ago. They reported that temper tantrums have ceased as we have witnessed at home. His teacher commented on how he’s so much more lovable this year as opposed to last year. He was lovable and affectionate then, but is much more now. She commented on when he’s done or bored with a task, he approaches her for a new task or toy to play with. She said he waits patiently in the specific area for the teacher or an aide to come assist him with opening up a new area such as the sandbox.

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2 Responses to “Parent/Teacher Conference Today”

  1. debinIL says:

    this is terrific! have you told them what you’re doing to recover him? i bet this changes minds about “controversial” medicine.

  2. Mom says:

    Yes, I have talked about certain things like hbot. After seeing the changes in him after doing hbot, his teacher was very interested in other things like casein/gluten allergies, yeast, etc. Most of the folks I have encountered definately agree that autism has medical causes. It wasn’t the response I thought I would get – I thought I would get the typical response given by the MD’s.

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