Strength and mHBOT

Nicholas weighs 63-64 pounds now (and he’s just over 4 years old) – quite a difference from the 43 pounds he weighed prior to hbot and 54 pounds he weighed after two and a half months of hbot. He’s solid and very, very strong. Halloween of 2007, we bought him a 2/3T costume, this past halloween, I bought him a size 7. When I compare then and now shots of him, he looked frail and little back then, even though he never seemed it at the time – to us anyway. Amazing the effect of a little mild hbot can have on a child.

Whether it was that the hbot helped with inflammation or absorption (of foods/supplements), we’re really not sure.

On another note, I do suspect Nicholas also has esophageal inflammation which was causing his sudden vomiting. A few days of hbot (after breaks) stops this completely. Prior to starting hbot this past May, Nicholas was throwing up regularly. It would not make a difference what he ate, he would throw everything up he just ate and then want to continue eating (the exact same food) and then he’d be fine. Enzymes had no effect on this vomiting, and since he would finish his meal with no issue, I do not believe it was the actual food – because there was no rhyme or reason as to when he would throw up.

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