More of Nicholas

Every day, every round of chelation, we see more of Nicholas. He’s now asking “where” people are.

Yesterday morning, he got out of bed and said, “pee pee in the potty – bathroom” – and he did, his diaper was dry and he actually peed in the potty! This was totally unprompted.

Yesterday, when the bus pulled up to drop Nicholas off, I was putting our new Mickey out on the front lawn. Nicholas stayed outside with me, watering all of the plants (in the rain) while I finished it. I didnt have to watch him every single second like I used to. He stayed with me, helped and then we went inside to get dried off (no temper tantrum!) It was 65 degrees out yesterday, so I bet my little man enjoyed making a mud puddle to play in!

This past week, he’s shown interest in other shows, like Christmas shows. We’ve watched Rudolf a few times and even Shrek. He’s loving Monsters, Inc now too. and he still likes Tinkerbell.

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2 Responses to “More of Nicholas”

  1. lee says:

    Wonderful news. Like you I have a son who is on the ASD. First let me thank you for providing this site. It ahs helped to rejuvinate my own efforts to recover my son Taylor. I did have a question regarding your personal view on Glutathione. Have you tried it before along with the chelation? Have you seen any of the research relationg metal toxity to depleted levels of Glutathione in the body. I’m just curious.

    Again, thank you for this site, for sharing your journey, and spreading soem hope.\


  2. Mom says:

    Lee – I sent you an email privately – I hope you got it. Hearing that my blog has helped you rejuvenate your efforts to recover Taylor brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.
    We used Glutathione previously and never saw any differences, so we stopped. I had also read that one dose of DMSA will regulate Glutathione. Also, I had used it for a few days when my son appeared with a red rash all over his body – but it made him nuts, so we discontinued it. I guess he just does not need it right now.
    I think everyone equates depleted glutathione to not being able to detox and therefore retaining heavy metals. Doesn’t help that most pediatricians recommend tylenol for our kiddos before/after vaccination – and tylenol is said to deplete glutathione for three weeks. Don’t get me started on all of the horrible advice given to us by Nicholas’s pediatricians. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying the holidays!!

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