Current Progress

Some new things Nicholas is doing…..
– He is asking “what is that?” – and pointing to things – and then repeating what I tell him it is.
– He is asking “what are you doing?” – and really wants to know – and help where he can
– His sentence structure seems to be getting longer
– He is now singing – he sang Happy Birthday last week, when I told him it was Grandpa’s birthday
– When prompted to clean up, he started singing the “clean up” song from school. He’s done this at least half a dozen times in the past few days
– He’s counting to at least 20
– He sat and watched Forrest Gump with us last night and never once asked for one of his shows
– He is now requesting dinosaur chicken nuggets
– He loves to tell me that I am making a mess or something is a mess (and he is generally correct, lol)
– He is back in our world and will stop what he is doing if he wants to know what we’re doing – and will join us in what we’re doing over us joining him in what he is doing
– He is showing interest in sports like basketball and baseball
– He is showing interest in picking out his own clothes to wear and has even requested certain shirts

….if I think of any more, I will update this post….

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  1. maya says:

    Awesome ! Way to go Nicholas !

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