The Bucket List

I finally saw The Bucket List last week. What an amazing movie. Touching. Sad. Funny. Tear-jerker. Thought-provoking….

So, here’s my Bucket List….

– Recover Nicholas from Autism
– Prevent another child (or children) from following down the same path as Nicholas
– Enjoy one day at a time and enjoy each moment for what it’s worth, not for what I feel was taken from us
– Celebrate every new thing that Nicholas does that we thought he would never be able to do
– Listen to what my son has to say once he has his voice back
– Live life without regard to autism (aka stop not-living life because of the autism)
– Be witness to and be a part of history once the autism-vaccine link can no longer be refuted
– Save for that trip to Disney World so Nicholas can finally meet all of his favorite friends – and forget about the difficulty we may (or may not) have while on vacation – it would all be worth it to see him experience some Disney magic

Newly added:
– Keep ourselves surrounded only by people who are supportive, loving and caring.
– (Courtesy of DebinIL): tell stories to the next generations of the “Autism Plague” and the parents rising up over “scientists” and “doctors” to conquer it themselves.
– Posting my son’s before & after neurologist reports, two showing the autism diagnosis, the other showing him as neurotypical (NT)
– Helping Nicholas find the right career for him and supporting him in any way that we can.
– Watching my son get married & become a father – and arming him with the knowledge of what vaccines can really do to a child besides the autism.

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4 Responses to “The Bucket List”

  1. debinIL says:

    I loved the movie, too. I’m only going to surround myself with people who care and like me/us. This means family, too. If they don’t “get” what I’m doing, I’m not going to spend much time with them. We had a very nice Christmas not seeing my family – best one so far. I controlled the food, I wasn’t embarassed by the couple of meltdowns (Enhansa + cold = regression), I didn’t have to hear “advice”.
    You should add some long-term goals to the list – become a Grandma, tell stories to the next generations of the “Autism Plague” and the parents rising up over “scientists” and “doctors” to conquer it themselves. 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    We, too, had a very nice Christmas without seeing any extended family. Just us and Nicholas’s grandparents. Lovely. Everyone gets it. Everyone is on board.
    I definately have long term goals – and becoming a grandma is definately one of them :-)… gonna go back and revise my post – have thought of some new ones….
    I love the “telling stories about the Autism Plague one – that is fantastic!

  3. maya says:

    Lovely post ! I love the comment about the “Autism Plague” ! I cant wait to hear the new statistics…although I wish that it is not an alarming number, I am pretty sure it would be now be 1 in 100 kids. Although I hear so many cases, I do not know of anyone in my family or friends or workplace who have an autistic child. We are the odd one out in our community.

  4. Mom says:

    I’m curious to see what the rate is amongst NJ boys in a year or two when the newly mandated flu shot for babies as young as 6 months has time to do damage. Gee, what reasons will they spin to account for the jump in the rate which coincides with the newly mandated vaccines? I’m sure they’ve already got it covered.

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