Obsessed with water

So, Nicholas was always partial to playing in the sink with water. The sink mostly, sometimes you could persuade him to get in the tub and play. But what I called a water obsession back then was nothing like I am calling a water obsession now. Ever since we started the Enhansa, Nicholas is back to being obsessed with playing with water. So much so, that every time he heads for the kitchen sink, I head for the basement to turn off the water. In the past, it’s been once a day (maybe) and that was tops. His play with water became less and less and was at the point where it was only a once in a while thing or when he was in the bathtub. Now, it’s several times a day – and nothing will get him away from the sink. No redirection, no threat of going to bed or not going/doing what he wants – nothing. So, as he heads to the kitchen and starts pulling over a chair – we run downstairs and turn off the water.

Yesterday, he’s getting smart – he conned me into believing he wanted a bowl of cereal – as he was pulling the rice milk from the fridge. Nope, he took all of the cereal out of the bowl and just wanted the milk to play in.

I sure hope that whatever is causing this ends soon…..

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