Increasing Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Now that we’re seeing some great speech coming from the increased dose of the DMG, I have been ramping up his daily dose of Acetyl-L Carnitine since he’s been at a very low dose since I introduced it.

By December 31st, we will be up to 635mg twice a day provided he does okay between now and then.

On 12/27, 1 1/2 pinches total = 238 mg
On 12/28, 2 pinches total = 317.5 mg (so far, so good)
On 12/29, 3 pinches total = 476 mg
On 12/30, 1/4th tsp which equals 635mg
On 12/31, 1/4th tsp 2x which equals 1270mg

We’ll see how he does on this dose and will back down as needed.

Update: 12/31/2008: We’re holding steady at 317.5mg for right now. The brand I had purchased tastes extremely bitter and sour, so mixing this with anything has been an absolute chore. I just ordered some from ProThera (Klaire) – and they’ve told me the taste on this is neutral – so it should be easier to mix with his juice.

So, by 1/4/2009, I’m hoping to have him taking 500mg 3x per day. We’ll see.

Update: 1/2/2009: 500mg – he drank this with NO problem, thank goodness! The ProThera tastes a bit lemony-like, but nothing like the taste of the NOW brand we were using.

1/3/2009: 1000mg
1/4/2009: 1500mg

Update 1/4/2009 – so far so good on the 1500mg. Today’s been a wonderful day. We’re just hanging out at home cleaning, watching TV, etc – and Nicholas is helping me clean and hang clothes, playing Wii with daddy – just a great, lazy day – and his behavior has been incredible.

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2 Responses to “Increasing Acetyl-L-Carnitine”

  1. maya says:

    Nicholas seems like a responder for all the supplements .. my son hardly as any progress with any of the supplements.

    We did half a bottle of DMG – no reaction, so I have changed to TMG. Its been a week. We are also doing B12 shots.

  2. Mom says:

    Be careful with TMG & Mb-12 as the TMG (betaine) and Mb-12 injections conflct. Here’s what happened to Nicholas when we increased his mb-12 to every other day and still had him on TMG:

    How much DMG did you give per day? Did you also give it with enough folic or folinic acid? It may not have been the DMG that didn’t work, it may have been that you needed to try a different folate along with it, such as folic, folinic or methylfolate.

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