His poor little tummy

Nicholas’s tummy seems to be a little less bloated the past few days. A shirt which was way too tight on him a week ago is now fitting him just fine. I have to start measuring him again so I can keep track. But there is a noticable difference that it has gone down quite a bit.

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  1. debinIL says:

    Yup – Nate’s belly is smaller, too. The Chinese Medicine Doctor commented on his distended belly (and belly button). The other day, he was definitely thinner and belly button not as distended. It’s back out a bit today. We’re eating GFCF but some carbs/sugar because of the holidays. I think when we’re back on a routine, he may change again.
    As for me, I’m taking 600mg 4-5 times/day. I feel my pours open after I take one, if that makes sense. And I get a slight headache (vessels dialating?), and I dropped 2-3 pounds since Christmas. Yeast is there but not flaring. And my own belly feels a bit smaller.
    I think it’s the “detoxing”. I’ve ordered more. G-d I hope this is the one that pushes us into the balance we’re looking to achieve.

    Big picture, I’m in a good place, don’t get me wrong. But I feel a “doom” about the world as a whole – the GMO foods, the bees going away, our kids as canaries sending up the flares and the majority are ignoring our screams. The weakened immune systems and increase in health problems. The widely-followed Western medicine offering lifetime maintenance of health issues with real answers, and then they’re looking at holistic like it has no value.
    I’m so happy for your boy. It’s the Enhansa (curcumin) shrinking the gut.

  2. Mom says:

    Deb – I feel the same doom about the world that you do. Isn’t it so sad that greed just gets in the way?

    Wow, no kidding – is that the dosing for adults?? I was thinking of taking it myself. Wow on dropping 2-3 pounds!

    I hope too that this one pushes us into some balance – that’s the main reason I haven’t jumped ship on it yet.

  3. debinIL says:

    Hold on a minute – my brain really went into a fuzz. I was taking way too much. Today, I just took one 600 mg and I’ll take another with dinner. I couldn’t think, I wasn’t motivated, and I put back on the couple pounds. I read online that an adult could take up to 8,000 mg a day. I guess I’m not THAT adult.
    Nate’s still doing terrific. He’s up to 300 mg at breakfast and 300 mg at dinner. I’m holding steady with that. He’s back in school on Monday (and I’m back to work). 🙁

  4. Mom says:

    Wow, that is fantastic about Nate!! keep me posted on how he does with this.

    You are too funny!! Did you start at the lower dose per their instructions or did you start at 600mg??

    Yep, the holidays are all over. Monday’s back to work and school (oh, thank goodness for school!)

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