Amalgam Removal

I had 2 of my possible 3 amalgams removed last week. I say possible, because one is a crown and we don’t know what is under it, even with x-rays – so until the crown is replaced (soon, I hope), I have to assume it’s an amalgam.

If you haven’t already seen the smoking tooth video, you must see how a mercury amalgam continues to release vapors. I just could not take the risk of leaving them in any longer.

The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology has a doctor finder and proper removal instructions on their website, click here to go to
Click here for Safe Removal Instructions

I am having these removed for several reasons – the first and most important one is I have witnessed first hand what mercury can do to a person. Two, when I received my epidural, the 2nd shot which came out of a multi-dose vial, my hearing turned robotic – meaning, every one, every sound, every word sounded like it was coming from a robot. The anesthesiologist looked at me like I was crazy, repeating that it was normal to “taste” metal and he was insisting I was tasting it and not hearing it. After practically freaking out and repeating myself over and over, my hearing went back to normal. I had not thought about this until after my son was diagnosed – and to this day, has me wondering if this was not one insult of many to his little body. After researching this, I found that a hearing issue like this could be from the anesthesiologist placing the epidural incorrectly and rupturing my dural space. (Incidentally, this is a malpractice offence, so it no longer surprises me when he looked at me in this manner.) Aside from the doctor screwing up, no one can answer the one question that seems so simple to me… what was in this epidural which would have caused my hearing to turn metallic? What is in this epidural in which tasting metal would be a normal side effect? Could the epidural contained a chelating agent like EDTA which perhaps pulled mercury from my filling sending it into my bloodstream and as a result into Nicholas’s bloodstream? I just don’t know. I don’t have answers to these questions. Before Nicholas was born, my mind was sharp – I could remember details of conversations verbatim, I would remember everything without having to write things down. Overnight, I lost that ability. One day, I had a clear, vibrant mind and the next I felt like I was in a fog – and still do to this day. Is all of this connected? Possibly. I’m not spending any more time trying to figure out out. When Nicholas was born, I wanted another baby – and clearly remember telling my husband that I did not want to wait until he was even one to try again. Well, life happens and interferes, so we were waiting a little longer – then Nicholas disappeared in front of our eyes and having another child was no longer on the table for me. I want to get to the place where I can say, “yeah, let’s do this again! We won’t vaccinate and he/she will be fine.” But I just can’t get there. Maybe once my amalgams are out and I have a hair and urine panel run, and Nicholas is almost recovered, I will feel differently. I worry about Nicholas after we are gone. I worry about who his family will be. I worry that feeling a younger brother or sister who is NT to look after him is just selfish on my part – and putting a huge job on a child who isn’t even conceived yet. And then worrying if that child won’t think the only reason she/he exists is to help his/her brother – which isn’t even remotely close to the truth.
And then I dive into research studies which just lead me to keep asking the same question — How many diseases and ailments start with heavy metal toxicity? More than you can even imagine. So, aside from getting my mind back, I would like to be pro-active at taking charge of my health and the first step for me is removing a huge source of toxicity. Will Nicholas ever have a sibling? I don’t know. But what I do know, is that we are done with mercury in this house.

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  1. debinIL says:

    *hugs* Honey, I ate well, had a natural childbirth at home to purposely avoid drugs, no Vit K or Hep shots at birth, not even the goop in the eyes. When Nate was having problems sleeping (not more than one hour at a time, and never out of my arms), I got the Fussy Baby book and investigated until I got to the elimination diet that took out all allergy foods. 36 hours later, he took his first 4 hour nap, and I knew he was sensitive to foods. I thought it was just gluten. I chose not to have him vaccinated.

    Now, after coming into all the information I have today, the mercury he has in his body only came from me. That mercury is the amalgrams I have in my system and from my teeth. I have my own guilt, just like you, but put that guilt back on the system that’s in place and work to change it.

    Gotta go to an inaugaration party.

  2. Mom says:

    Thank god you knew not to vax him.

    I know what you mean about that guilt. Now I am at the point where I just want to know what “could” have done it — so I can change things next go around – if there is one. And also, so that I can share what I think… if it saves one kid, I’ll be happy.

    Does Nate have any lead?? I am wondering if Nicholas didn’t leech lead from my bones somehow… that’s my next post though. 🙂 Fun stuff. I’d so rather be watching TV!

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