Love this toy!

Nicholas got this toy as a gift from grandma and grandpa a while ago…. We put it away because he wasn’t ready for something like this. Last week, we brought it back out to give it a try. We are so glad we did! He is having a blast with this — and is shocking us with what he’s doing without being shown.

It’s the Smart Cycle from Fisher Price.

You can get different games for this and they plug into the bike like a key would in a car. Nicholas has the school bus one, Thomas, Diego and Dora. When Daddy set it up, Nicholas played with the school bus one for quite some time. A while later, I went to check on him and he was playing the Thomas game. I asked Daddy if he put Thomas on and he did not. Not only did he change cartridges, but he navigated through the menus to get to the game. (without being shown)

There is a game on the Thomas cartridge where they lay out a track for you with several pieces which are missing. On the bottom of the screen, there are 4 different track pieces. You have to use the joystick and pick the piece you want and match it to the spot on the track that’s missing. Nicholas did this over and over again without having to pause to think about it. Watching him do this was just amazing. Straight track, bent track, bridges, etc. (again, no one showed him how to play at all)

There is a game on the Dora cartridge where she is in a maze. On the screen, it tells you what color, shape, etc you need to find. Nicholas passes all of the ones he does not need to get to the one he does need. This amazed me as well.

There are lots of games to play and he’s done well with all the ones I have seen him play. Watching him play these games the way he has been doing when months ago, he just did not have any clue just blows me away. When we first brought it out, I had to put a chair behind the bike so I could sit and pedal and show him how to just ride the cycle and steer the bike – and he didn’t get it. He liked watching me ride and play, but would (or could) not do it himself.

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