New Multi-Vitamin

With Nicholas being less and less eager to drink his stuff lately, I was on the lookout for a new multi-vitamin — and have been giving him a new one for the past week with no issues whatsoever. And, it’s SO MUCH cheaper than the brainchild formulas, so that is a huge plus!

The new one is:
Klaire’s VitaSpectrum

Some folks reported it was chalky, but I tried both the powder and capsule forms and neither was an issue here – I dont know how much water they were mixing it with, but I tried 2 ounces of water for 2 capsules and had no problems. Nicholas gets 4 vitamin drinks per day, 3 of which has 2 capsules of this supplement mixed with his other supplements, some water and some pear juice.

Info about ordering from Klaire

I also added liquid b-12 (methylcobalamin) as it was the only vitamin/mineral with a significant difference.
Pure Encapsulations B-12

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2 Responses to “New Multi-Vitamin”

  1. summermh says:

    it’s me again 😉 I posted on the forum asking others for experiences with VitaSpectrum… only one person has responded saying it was really really horrible tasting. Considering Ethan drinks Brainchild straight with no problem at all, not sure I should worry about this too much… your thoughts? I’m hesitant to switch to a powder, because Brainchild liquid has been serving as the liquid “base” which we mix other items into for our lunch and supper doses. Breakfast dose has SO much stuff that I use juice/water. But, I’d love to save the money!

  2. Mom says:

    I dont find it horrible tasting at all — perhaps that is because I am comparing it to brainchild. If you buy stuff from Klaire anyway, why don’t you ask them if they could send you a sample of it to try. Others said it was chalky — I tried mixing it with 1 oz of water and 2 oz and never had a problem dissolving it at all. Like you, Brainchild was also our liquid base that I mixed tons of stuff into it 3x a day. With the brainchild, it took nothing short of a miracle every day to get him to drink his stuff — it was down to me saying, “drink your stuff, drink your stuff” to the point that I was driving myself nuts. WIth changing to the vitaspectrum, all I have to do is hand it to him and he drinks it right down.

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