Progress Update

Yesterday, Nicholas woke up a different child. It seemed as though he was more with us. His language was more complex. He just seems different again.

Nicholas is one of the politest children I have ever met. Excuse me, please and thank you – and I even have heard excuse me sir (no idea where that one came from) If he needs help, he will say “excuse me mommy” and then ask for what he needs. If he’s upstairs in his room by himself – I hear him say “excuse me mommy. I need help. Is anybody there?”

“Well maybe next time” – was his response to playing a computer game which he was trying to win.

And while we’re on the subject of computer games — Nicholas has blown us away in a very short time on the computer. He can sit for hours navigation web sites with very little to no help from us. He loves and can sit for hours playing, watching videos and stories, etc. He uses both the mouse and the touch pad better than most adults I know. It won’t be long before he has his own computer (not joking) – as he’s always on mine.

This morning, I watched him playing with his Thomas railroad. He was fully engaged in imaginative play. He had the fire/rescue trains in the area in front of him and he told me there was an emergency. (Emergency – never heard that from him before this morning.) When I asked him what the emergency was, he told me there was a fire on the tracks and then proceeds to use the fire hoses from the fire trucks to spray down the tracks and asked me to help him. When daddy came in to see what the emergency was all about, he told daddy that he was washing off the tracks.

He seems to be understanding the shows that he is watching on a higher level. In the past, he hasn’t always got it when something was scary. We watched Space Chimps and certain parts sent him hiding under his train table until I told him the scary part was over and he came back out.

When I ask him if he wants to do something – a new response is “no, it’s boring” – which cracks me up everytime I hear it.

He’s started to initiate taking baths – and will tell me he is going to take a bath and head upstairs to the bathroom. If I am not quick enough, he will be in the bathroom with the water running and will either be totally undressed or will be in the process of undressing.

Putting him to bed has turned into such a fun event. (no sarcasm) He’ll hop up into bed and get under the covers and either myself or daddy will say “good night” to which he responds “good night, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite” — by the time he hits bed bugs bite, he is giggly and he’s tickling you like he’s the bed bugs. So adorable.

More to come…

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2 Responses to “Progress Update”

  1. maya says:

    Nicholas is RECOVERED !!!!! He is !!!! I am not coming back to his website unless you change the name of it to .

    This is wonderful !!! I am going to come and steal you so that you can help my child !

    This is just awesome!!!

  2. Mom says:

    Maya, you are so funny! He’s not quite there yet – but his progress is definately promizing!
    Happy to help you in anyway that I can! And don’t discredit yourself, Mama – you’re doing great!

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