35 Boxes

The Step Two catalog came in the mail last week and Nicholas proudly pointed out a sand & water table that he wants to go to the Toy Store to get. Not like he needs another place to play with sand (he has a sand box) – but he keeps looking at this one thing and telling us he wants it. So, I just HAVE to get my 99.99 out of the deal, right?????

So, I downloaded a cool Diego chart that has 5 rows of 7 boxes. Each box is big enough to stick a sticker onto – so I’m using it as a potty training chart. Mounted on the bathroom wall, right next to the potty — Nicholas gets a sticker every time he uses the potty.

Keep in mind, I am totally rolling my eyes here because don’t you know that my kid could care less about some stupid stickers?? I have packs of stickers tucked everywhere. Stickers from school, stickers tucked into birthday cards – you name it, we have a collection. Nicholas has never been motivated by stickers and has never really payed them any attention…. until now.

When mixed with the thought of accumulating enough to trade his sticker sheet in for his sand and water table, these stickers are now the equivalent of the holy grail to him.

So, I mounted the sticker sheet last Monday and I didn’t say a word about it. I patiently waited until Nicholas pointed it out and said, “is that for me?” – and I gave the easiest explanation I could have and then whipped out the Step 2 catalog. “Want this?” I said. “Yes, go to toy store please?” and the conversation went from there. It took me 2 tries at the conversation about the chart, but I had a good feeling that he got the point.

A few days later, I am happy to report that Nicholas has 8 stickers. And he is SO excited to pick out his sticker and stick it on his next square. So, I’m optimistic that this is it and he’s gonna get it this time and we’ll be in his new Diego and Thomas undies in no time.

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