Progress Update on Nicholas

We are so excited with the way Nicholas is progressing. Every day, he’s just getting better and better!!

A couple of things he has done since my last update:
– He is singing the ABC song in it’s entirety. I didn’t even know he could. I just started singing it to him and he joined in and finished the song.
– I got into bed with him the other morning and he started ticking my stomach…. then he started singing “tickle tickle tickle tickle tickle the whale” from the Wonder Pets. He hasn’t heard this in quite some time – I used to sing it to him all the time when I ticked him and I never got a response.
– His trains are having full conversations with each other — real words – back and forth – amazing. What was even more amazing was that the trains appeared to have different personalities with the way he was making them talk to each other.
– We can’t get away with sneaking out of his room to leave him play anymore – he wants us included in his play scenarios.
– I used to say Hello to him 100 times without him answering. I would have to say – Nicholas – HI! to get a response. Now, I just say hi and he says hi. Big difference.
– We left him with his Grandmother the other night while Mommy, Daddy and Grandpa went to the store. This used to be an issue mainly because he wants Grandpa to play trains with him and he just came and we left quickly – Grandma just told him we went to the store and he said, Ok – and that was it.
– This past weekend, we took a ride to an outdoor gardening store with sells the big swingsets. Nicholas met a little girl who was there with her parents and the two of them played for over an hour with each other. I had just asked the teacher a few days prior if he was playing with kids and she said that it was only if it was facilitated play. Nicholas and her had a blast. They chased each other up the stairs/rock wall and down the slide. They went from swingset to swingset. He talked to her plenty and she understood him. He answered her when she spoke. Nicholas got into the basket swing and she wanted to push him. The two of them engaged in a game where he sat on one side and she pushed from behind him. When he moved to the seat across, she ran around to the other side. The two of them played this for a long time. At some point, something upset her and she left to go sit down. Nicholas (unprompted) went over to her, croutched down and said “What’s the matter?” She said “nothing” He said, “come play” – she got up and went back to playing. (A month or so ago, we were at a party with kids – and Nicholas played completely by himself the entire time. Even when he was in a room with one other child, he could care less that there was another child there.)
– When we were leaving Toys R Us the other day, there was a little boy in the little plane ride by the exit. Nicholas went into the other ride and when the people had left, he came out to ride the plane. He looks at me and says, ‘where did the little boy go?” I almost fell over. He has never cared about other kids before and now he’s noticing them and even playing with them.
– His language is getting better and better. More and more words from him every day.
– He’s doing great with going to the potty – we’re hoping to be out of diapers soon! He’s getting it that when you get up, you use the potty.
– His receptive language has gotten so much better. He understands so much more!
– He’s now asking to go see people and to go places.

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2 Responses to “Progress Update on Nicholas”

  1. valicea1977 says:

    Hi Nicholas’ mom!
    I wanted to congratulate you! You should be proud of your boy! and why not of you self!
    I read what you write everyday!, it helps me a lot. My son Eleazar is 3 1/2 yrs old [my only son] and he is in the ASD. I’m about to start Chelation so I do think things are going to get better here!, thanks for sharing what you are doing with you child! May G-d bless you & your family! 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    Thank you so much Vanessa!!!!

    I hope you have the same success with chelation as we have!! Good luck and keep me posted as to how you do!!

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