Thinking about giving your ASD kiddo Miralax, think again…

I’ve read alot of parent reports citing negative things happening once they added Miralax to help with their child’s constipation. I know alot of DANs recommend it and Dr. Kartzinel has mentioned it in his new book written with Jenny McCarthy.

We all need to make our own decisions for treating our children, but it’s important to note that we must still continue to research supplements and treatments that our DANs recommend. Biomedical treatments for autism are still relatively new and it’s impossible for any doctor to know everything about everything associated with autism just because they are DAN doctors – especially with the rate of progress parents and doctors are making in figuring out how to get our kids into recovery.

Anyway, I just wanted to post a few links for you to reference should you be considering Miralax for your ASD child. We’ve used oxypowder for Nicholas for quite some time and it’s always proven to be effective and gentle. You could also try using Vitamin C until he/she hits bowel tolerance. (Bowel tolerance is when you get diarrhea – so you ease up a bit on that dose and you have found the dose that your child will tolerate without causing diarreah.)

Info about Miralax

Thread on Miralax

Parent Story

Info about the Dangers of Miralax, esp for gut damaged kids

Miralax Warning

Here’s a search on autism & miralax – eye opening!

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2 Responses to “Thinking about giving your ASD kiddo Miralax, think again…”

  1. meredith says:

    Good post Michelle. I think about this point quite often…again go with your gut and do your own research! We just ordered oxy powder…per your recomendation. How much do you use? Are they capsules or just a powder. Thanks!

  2. Mom says:

    Me too. I am appreciative for what these DAN doctors are doing and researching to help our kids – but at the same time – many parents forget that they’re still doctors just like the ones who harmed our kids while looking the other way. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t think for many that any of it was intentional – but no doctor can know everything about everything – so we need to never let go of the reigns when it comes to being our child’s advocate, medical and otherwise.

    They’re capsules. If you mix them with juice, get him to drink it pretty much immediately. It tends to discolor whatever you put it into – so if he won’t drink it based on color – get him to drink it quick.

    I started with 1/4 cap and a few hours later would give another 1/4 cap – until I got him to go. If it’s been days, I give him 1/2 cap twice in a row and then wait overnight. I never had to go more than 2 caps per day to get things moving again.

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