Changed brands of DMG

Excuse the back posting, I wanted to make sure Nicholas was going to do well on the new DMG that I bought before mentioning that I decided to give another brand a try. Also, with the expense of giving Nicholas 9 Kirkman DMG capsules per day, I had to see if something less expensive would work just as well or maybe even better.

So, I had seen this DMG mentioned on various boards and when I looked into the dosing, I was blown away. 1ml of liquid equals 300mg DMG. It’s pretty tasteless and can easily be mixed into juice. (Thank goodness for small miracles!!)

So, as of April 17th, it’s been about a week that he’s been on the new supplement – but I had started giving Nicholas some of the liquid on top of his normal schedule of 9 DMG caps (split 3 caps 3x a day) and had seen in increase in vocabulary and talking, so I decided to let the bottle of Kirkman DMG run out and then begin using the liquid primarily.

Food Science of Vermont Aangamik DMG
(Take $5 off of your first purchase with code: TUM744)

Update – January 27, 2010: I love the Food Science DMG and highly recommend it!!! Just remember for every 125mg of DMG, it needs 400mcg folic/folinic.

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  1. Adriana says:

    Hi I see his talking here back in 2009 so would you say he began talking with DMg then you started cytoflora ?

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