More progress….

So, we took a ride yesterday and did a few different things – and I have to comment on it because when we’ve tried going several places with Nicholas – it always seemed to end in a breakdown of sorts….

So, first stop: Toys R Us. Yes, I know, I know – the kid does not need anymore toys. But he’s been looking for a particular one, so I figured at the very least he could play on their train table for a little while. He was very well behaved. Left when it was time to leave.

Second stop: An outdoor store which sells sheds, swingsets, etc. Nicholas again played really well with some other kids who were there. When the 2 kids left, he wanted Mommy to play on the swingset with him. (Yes, my fat ass went down the slide – several times – afterall, I could not disappoint Nicholas when he told me it was my turn!) Then, we went looking at their fish pond and Nicholas fed the fish. He had such a blast watching all of the beautiful koi come to the surface to eat.

Third stop: Fuddruckers. Nicholas and Mommy played the video games while we were waiting for our food and once it was at the table, Nicholas went to eat – without argument. He stayed at the table while we ate and when we were done, he said, “it’s time to go home”

Never before have we been able to go from place to place to place like this with so much ease – and without a tantrum happening somewhere along the way.

I was impressed once again with how Nicholas wanted to play with the other kids. When they left, he went looking for them – asking me “where did the kids go?”

This past Friday, we took Nicholas to Burger King because they have the big play place. Well, the manager doesn’t check on the temperature in that room (EVER!) and it was 96 degrees in there. So, we decided to go elsewhere and having to leave after just arriving would have easily ended in a tantruming kid. I had the picture of me carrying a 60+ pound kicking and screaming child out to the car and then wrestling him into the car seat. Nope, didn’t happen. I said, Nicholas, come on, let’s go to the park instead. He came down out of the jungle gym and left without a fight, without anything.

So, off to the park we went. Nicholas ran around with all of the kids like he was one of them. From the outside, you would have ever known that he was any different from them. Kids who were younger, kids who were older. He ran around and laughed, screamed and was just so happy. Climbing up, sliding down and then doing it all over again. He even flipped over the side of the slide at one point and got all dirty. (in the past, this would have ruined his day) he just got up, brushed himself off, said “oops” and kept going.

He wanted to swing – which he hasn’t wanted to do in a long, long time. I pushed him and pushed him, he laughed in sheer delight. He told me to stop, I stopped him – he laughed. GO!!!!!!! So i had to push. Push faster mommy! It was shocking. Nicholas did not want to get off the swing at all. Huge difference from the past.

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  1. Sassifrassilassi says:

    Wowowowow! Excellent!

    I finally joined so I can comment!

  2. Mom says:

    Hey – thanks!! I got your link to your blog, thanks by the way — I have to go read it now…

  3. maya says:

    this is simply great… woohoo !!!

    thanks a lot for posting 🙂

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