Recovery Stories and Recoveries in Progress using DMSA and/or ALA

In addition to my own recovery story, here are some other stories from those who have recovered or are currently in the process of recovering from using DMSA and/or ALA. For more information on the protocol I am using to recover my son, click here.

New! From Severely Autistic at age 6 to…

Michael, age 2

Andy, age 6

Mike, age 6

Brianna, age 7

Boy, age 4

Boy, age 9

Samuel, age 8

Boy, age 4

Girl, age 4


Grace, age 6

Gavin, age 6

Cameron, age 8 – also note how low, frequent dosing was better for him than large, infrequent dosing

Eve, age 6

Alex, age 5

More to come….

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