Addition to my progress update

Another biggie, which I forgot to mention, was that Nicholas is understanding emotions and he is even reading our facial expressions and tieing them to emotions. He can identify and tell us when he is sad, mad, happy, etc. When he reads the look on my face, he has said “mommy don’t be mad” “mommy, be happy!” Just amazing.

I found this game and showed him just the other day and he labeled all of their emotions without me even asking:
Thomas the Tank Engine Emotions Game
“Mommy, why is James angry?” “Look Mommy, Thomas is happy!”

Also, he is now telling us when he is tired.

And, if we raise our voices around us – he tells us to use our inside voices. Gotta love it.

I’m sure more will come to me – I will add them here if they do.

5/29/2009 – Oops – one I forgot about. Nicholas understands that boys and girls are different. He has correctly pointed out boys and girls in photos and has also told us that “Nicholas has a penis. Daddy has a penis. Mommy has no penis.” (I guess I can’t leave the bathroom door unlocked anymore when I get in the shower! LOL)

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2 Responses to “Addition to my progress update”

  1. valicea1977 says:

    LOLOLOLOL this was so funny!!!! you are doing an awesome job!!! 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    It was so funny. Want to hear funnier — he slightly changed it the next day when my husband prompted him to say it again….. how perceptive this is….. “Nicholas has a penis. Daddy has a penis. Mommy has no penis. Mommy has a butt.”

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