A Totally Off-Topic Rant: My Review of the Linn Unidisk SC

I apologize to my readership in advance for this posting, but it’s been bothering me for quite some time and I need to get it off my chest and into the eyes of anyone considering buying this or any product from Linn.

A few years ago, my husband had his eye on a very expensive piece of audio equipment. Very expensive. My husband does not ask for much and works very hard, so when he mentioned that he would like to use an upcoming bonus on himself instead of bills, the house, etc., I just could not object.

So, he purchases a Linn Unidisk SC – which plays CDs, DVDs, etc. Well, one day, it decides to stop playing CD’s and DVD’s. You can try 20+ times to get a DVD or CD to play (and that CD/DVD can be brand new out of the package) and maybe you’ll get it to play and maybe you’ll have to try many, many more times before it plays. And maybe you just give up because something is not working right. The unit has been given nothing other than TLC, never been moved, etc. There’s no reason for this to have happened.

So, my husband contacts Linn about getting it fixed under their 5 year warranty – and they claim they don’t have his registration. He even provided the receipt showing the date of purchase and they refuse to fix it under the warranty. Instead, they want over $500 to fix his unidisk. Also, when he contacted Linn, they told him that lasers were not covered under their warranty anyway. The laser is the most important part of the entire unit. And in this case, ours did not even last five years.

So, let the buyer beware. Linn does not stand behind thier products or warranties. Not exactly a company I would ever shell out $4,000.00 to again. Shame on you, Linn!

Linn’s Unidisk SC

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