Update on Nicholas

I usually wait a little while in between updates, but I don’t want to forget anything as we have been seeing amazing progress over the past few weeks….

Nicholas talked to a friend on the phone for the very first time yesterday. It was so amazing and adorable — and witnessing it almost made me cry. He was so excited when I said she was on the phone – he grabbed the phone right out of my hands, said hello and started telling her that he was coming to her birthday party and then launched into talking about balloons, decorations, presents, etc. He talked so fast, I am sure her little head was spinning. He actually got up and stopped playing on the computer to talk to her and proceeded to head upstairs with the phone. (something he has never done before) The length of his conversation was longer than any other he had ever had with grandparents, parents, etc. He actually asked her to come over and play – and I was soooo amazed by this, not to mention absolultely delighted.

At school, he is leaving the front of the line and heading towards the back so he can sit next to her and hold her hand. He’s socializing so much more, not just with her, but with his other classmates as well.

Ages ago, we showed Nicholas the Diego game for our Wii. It was hard to get how to use the controls, so we put it away. I brought it out last night and showed him a few things and in less than a minute he wanted to play. I barely had to show him anything! He got it and picked it up with amazing speed and accuracy. He knew what buttons to push, how to hold/shake the controller – and was doing excellent following the instructions on the screen when needed.

Last night, Nicholas said that “I gotta go get George, he’s outside” – to which I responded “George who? What are you talking about?” Nicholas said, “Curious George is outside, I have to get him” – we all looked at each other puzzled as to what he was talking about. Then it hit me, he was referring to his bubbling George that goes in the bathtub. “Nicholas, did you drop George out of the bathroom window?” “Yes” So I went outside and sure enough there was George dirty, scraped up and lying on the ground. So I brought him in and got out the bandages. I put a band-aid – a big one – on the back of his head, one on his elbow, etc. leaving some scratches and dirt visible on George. Right away, he noticed George had band-aids and said, “Oh, George has a boo-boo?” I said, “Yes, Nicholas George has a boo-boo. George has lots of boo-boos. When you dropped him out of the window, he really got hurt.” Nicholas quickly apologized to George and kissed his boo-boos. When I pointed out the scratches on George, I could tell Nicholas really felt bad that George was so hurt and apologized to him again.

Daddy and Grandpa have been doing some work around the house and Nicholas has really been amazing around this. I had visions of having to take him out of the house every day while they were working, but he’s been great. He will go check up on their work, grab a level or a tape measure and check up on them. He asks questions about what they are doing. He brings them their tools. I thought this could potentially be a nightmare – nothing could be farther from the truth.

Over the past couple of weeks, responding to “I love you Nicholas” with “I love you” has turned into “I love you too Mommy” – and he’s doing this with everyone, consistently. This is not something we have ever worked on – I was happy with hearing I love you.

His love for books and reading stories and listening to stories has really exploded. He’s picking stuff out in books and talking about it and ellaborating on it. He is very interactive when reading stories with us.

He has so much more language and more words. Sentence length has gotten longer too.

Added July 22, 2009: I almost forgot. Nicholas wanted to play doctor/patient — and his pretend play here just blew me away. Nicholas wanted to be the patient and wanted Dr Mommy to examine and treat him. So, he takes me to his bedroom and hops up on his bed like it’s an exam table. He has me check his ears, his throat, has me listen to his heart. Shows me his boo-boos and asks for bandaids. I took his temperature and even got him some lotion for his dry legs. The whole thing was amazing, very detailed and well thought out. We played for quite some time. I sent Dr Daddy in to play and the patient told him that he wasn’t a Dr and to ask Dr Mommy to come back. (HA! Smart kid – LOL)

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6 Responses to “Update on Nicholas”

  1. Amy in Idaho says:

    Wow! This is fantastic – you must be over the moon. Are you thinking this has all happened due to chelation? Congratulations 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    Thanks Amy. Yes, we are absolutely over the moon!!! Yes, I definately think it is happening due to 1 ) chelation, but also from our other top interventions 2) enhansa 3 ) hbot.

  3. alicia says:

    Wow!! These are miracles!! So fantastic! We are going to give chelation a go! Very excited!

  4. Mom says:

    Thanks Alicia – we are very excited about his progress. Let me know how it goes….. I’m off to answer your email now…

  5. maya says:

    simply amazing ! i am so glad for you guys !!! way to go nicholas !!!!

  6. Mom says:

    Thanks Maya. He just surprises us with something new everyday it seems.

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