Update on Nicholas

Well, we’ve passed the 50 rounds of chelation mark! Nicholas has come so far in this past year and I am so grateful for his progress and this little boy’s hard work and determination. And equally grateful for him swallowing his supplements without much of a struggle!

Nicholas’s progress continues – his language is improving every single day. His eye contact is phenominal.

Recently, we took Nicholas away for a weekend to go to “Day Out with Thomas” – this was a truly wonderful day for us all – and Nicholas did amazingly well – it was almost like we were living in a dream. Despite the amount of people there and the overwhelmingness of it all, nothing bothered him. First, let me say “Day out with Thomas” is a fantastic event for the Thomas fan or young train enthusiast – I will not hesitate taking Nicholas back again the next time Thomas returns. For the price of each ticket, there was lots to do there – one shorter train ride with Thomas and one longer train ride on another train. We arrived much earlier than our ticketed time to ride Thomas, so we opted to ride the other train first. Nicholas LOVED it. This was not the first time we were on a train with him – but the scenery was beautiful, farms, cows, horses, etc. Back at the station, they had lots of activities for kids – one, which Nicholas rode 20+ times, were these little train cars which you power with your hands in the same motion as riding a bike. Nicholas flew around that track so fast – smiling from ear to ear. All the kids there loved this – you could tell how they jumped off and ran right back into line just how much fun they were having. The had a small-scale train ride, areas to meet and take pictures with both Thomas and Sir Topham Hatt, a trolley ride and one of those rail cars where you have to pump it like a see-saw (but with your hands) to get it moving. There was so much to do and see, we were not able to do it all – which is good – new things to see/do on our next visit. The look on his face when he saw Thomas for the first time was priceless – I think he was in awe. We certainly were – they did a great job with that engine! Sir Topham Hatt was a bit overwhelming – I thought he’d be a real person, not someone dressed up in a big costume like Elmo or Mickey. The day was a complete success and when Nicholas had enough, he said it was time to go home.

Nicholas is now going to Karate and is doing quite well. He’s counting in Chinese (is it chinese?) to 5, following commands, doing well with the structured routine of the lesson and really seems to be enjoying himself. He picked up everything fairly quickly much to the amazement of myself and his instructor. He started off taking private 1 on 1 instructions, but yesterday, when Daddy took him – another instructor came and grabbed him and added him to the circle of the big class that was going on. When his instructor came out and saw Nicholas in the class with the others, both he and Daddy seemed amazed (or maybe a bit shocked?) to see how well he did just being thrown into the class like that. He followed everything they were doing quite well and was engaged with it for quite some time. Then, he took his 1 on 1 lesson and flew through that. So, this coming week, he’ll be in the class with other kids as it looks like he’s ready to be a part of the group! Go Nicholas!!

This year, Nicholas started full day Kindergarten. I had wondered how the full day of school would work for him, but it’s been uneventful to say the least. He comes home and tells me that he missed me. Talking about his day is becoming easier since they’re sending home more work he’s working on. He’s always excited to tell me about what he did. One day he came home and told me his grilled cheese sandwich was delicious. Another day he told me they were doing the letter A – and “A is for apple” “A is for acorn” – (always unprompted) he is very excited to be learning and seems to really be enjoying it. I don’t have to argue with him or coerce him into getting up/dressed for school – even though he’s like me – he is not a morning person. He loves his new lunchbox and having his lunch in his lunchbox. He’s bringing home books from the library and actually wanting to sit and read them. He sits at his table and says he wants to do work. (WHAT?) So I get him some workbook activities to do and he’s loving it.

At the beginning of the summer, we had a hard time getting him off the steps that go into the pool – same drill as last year – he just loved to hang by the stairs and play in the water. But this year, we had him all over the pool around the edges, floating on floats, playing games in the water with mommy and even playing hide and seek. He was swimming pretty well (with mommy holding him from underneath) and once he was in the pool, he never wanted to get out. The chlorine seemed to have no effect on his behavior (he does get taurine) – but for next year, we are hoping to replace this with an alternative system, so if anyone has any experience with an alternate, please let me know.

Daddy has been away on and off for work and when he’s away, Nicholas would say, “Mommy, I miss daddy – go to airport and pick daddy up”

His receptive language has really improved.

He is starting to work on writing the alphabet at school and is writing his name. When he colors, he is picking appropriate colors – purple for grapes, green for the leaves, etc. He told me he likes doing work like at school. (This is an area where we have seen massive improvement in a very short period of time.)

Nicholas loves the little felt shapes that have the sticker backs to them. I bought him a new set of them in all kinds of different Space shapes. He sat at his table pretending with them for the longest time – doing the countdown to blastoff – putting planets there, marching the astronauts on the planets, etc. He was very excited and thanked me for the surprise present – and said he liked it alot – and liked doing work like that. He is very proud of the space pictures he created.

He is really quite thoughtful. Just last night, he finished drinking the water from grandma’s water bottle and went to the kitchen to get the big water bottle to refill her bottle. He will go into the kitchen and come back with 3 snapple bottles, one for him and one for mommy and daddy. “For you, Mommy” “For you, Daddy” When Daddy came home late Friday night, Nicholas brought him a bowl of grapes because he said he was hungry. (unprompted and completely his own thinking)

When his grandparents walked in the other night, he told them he was happy they were here and to please clean up his toys that were on the floor. (this was absolutely hysterical – it was like a mommy’s not gonna do it, so you do it kind of thing)

We can see more and more of his silliness coming through and his pure in enjoyment in having good clean fun. He’s doing deliberately funny things, tickling us to break a bad mood, etc. He just LOVES to laugh – and his laugh is one of the most infectious ones I have ever heard. (no, I am not biased. 🙂 LOL)

He’s pretending to do magic all of a sudden (we have no idea where this came from) – balancing acts, disappearing acts, stuff like this.

“I can’t do it” is turning into “mommy look at me, I can do it” totally unprompted.

If we sound cross or raise our voices, we are told to ‘calm down’, ‘use inside voices’, ‘be happy’ – he totally tries to push his way in to break tension, stop arguements/disagreements.

He will get on the phone now and ask people to come over.

He doesn’t seem to get stuck on TV shows like he once did. He still has his favorites, but they tend to change quickly. He loves the new one, Dinosaur Train (which is totally adorable) and is still loving Dora and Diego – but is also enjoying Olivia in addition to Wow wow Wubbzy and Nihao Kailan.

Nicholas’s favorite book is one which has a lego train in it. (thanks grandma, you still owe me $$ for this set! LOL) Once he saw this train in the book, he fell in love with it – and has worked really hard collecting stickers to earn it. It was an early birthday present – but the gift in this is watching HOW he’s playing with this. It’s not so much about running the trains around the track – the trains are doing things, bringing cargo from one location to another, etc. Nicholas was never into Legos, ever. And we’re now watching him build all kinds of things – arches that go over the tracks for his trains to go under, Packages for his trains to carry, etc. He’s actually walking the people around and having them do things. Worth every penny.

His use of the computer is improving as well. He’s playing more advanced games and learning lots from them.

We took Nicholas pumpkin picking yesterday. He was so excited about going pumpkin picking, he wanted to do this before karate. The farm we went to has a pumpkin patch which is only reachable via hayride. So, we took a hayride through the farm around their acreage to the pumpkin patch. Earlier that morning, Nicholas said he wanted six pumpkins (yes, six) – even though we had told him to pick a few small ones to paint – Mommy and Daddy got a big one and Grandma and Grandpa got a big one, so we ended up with 6 anyway! Nicholas was extremely well behaved and truly enjoyed himself. (Did I just say that? 🙂 ) After we got our pumpkins and got back on the truck, Nicholas said, “Let’s go back to the barn now” – which was where we were parked. When we got back to the barn, we roamed around the farm a bit coming across a cat. Nicholas loved seeing the cat – I dont think he’s ever seen a cat up so close before. (this cat was not afraid to be around people) We checked out the bone collection from the bisons that the farm had on display and Nicholas was very inquisitive about everything and was visibly surprised at how big the bison’s jaw bone was with “all of those teeth!”

Last night, he wanted to paint his new pumpkins – so we pulled out his paints (he LOVES art and projects) and he made the most perfect smiley face on the first pumpkin. I hope he didn’t paint over it, I want to take a picture of it – that’s how perfect it was!!

Nicholas, who has the art of ignoring hearing something he doesn’t want to do, is responding to requests he doesn’t want to do – with an ‘okay OKAY’ where he says the first okay normally and the 2nd with a grumbly “I dont want to do this, but you’re being a pain-in-the-ass-nag-so-I’m-gonna-do-it-just-to-shut-you-up-kind-of-way” It’s really quite hysterical to hear. Kind of has a bit of sarcasm thrown in there as well.

Nicholas called me a “poopyhead” the other day. We have no idea where he got this term from. “poopyhead” is not something which usually comes out of our mouths. He thought he was being so funny. And it was funny. Despite the fact that he was calling me a name – I was thrilled for him to be doing it.

Something else we noticed yesterday…. Nicholas is playing the drums using alternate hands. He’s never done this before. He would use one or the other, but not, left, right, left, right, etc. He’s behind Daddy’s drums and says, “mommy, I’m playing an instrument” I looked at him and was amazed – I had never heard him use the word instrument before. “what instrument are you playing, Nicholas?” “you know I am playing the drums!” (you know??? whoa – got to love it!)

Nicholas is starting to incorporate some of the spanish words he’s learned from Dora and Diego into real life. His latest one is using “empuje” meaning “push”

He’s coming home and telling me things about school like “bobby took my train” ‘did you ask for it back?’ “yeah, he didn’t want to share”

He’s asking kids to share toys with him and offering to share with them.

As always, if something else comes to mind before I hit publish, I will add it below.

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  1. maya says:

    This is amazing. Thank you for this beautiful post !
    Go Nicholas !!!! I am so happy for you Michelle ! I am actually crying ! I cant wait for my baby to get there !

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