Nurses stand up for vaccination choice in Albany

Dear Nurses,

I applaud you and respect you for standing up for your rights against mandatory vaccination and would like to thank you for doing so. I appreciate the visibility you are bringing to this issue, because let’s face it – if the doctors and nurses don’t want to be vaccinated by force or otherwise, then you must certainly know something that most people don’t know. If there was no risk associated with the vaccines, you wouldn’t have any issue with getting them – and certainly would not risk losing your jobs in a bad economy. I believe that you understand the risks associated with the vaccines to be willing to stand up and fight to hopefully keep your jobs and not have to subject your body to those risks in order to keep those jobs.

After your battle is over, and I certainly hope you prevail, I ask you not to go back to doing business as usual as if the harm being done to a generation of children is not happening right before your very eyes. I beg you to stand with us and make us stronger – our children and their futures will effect your lives at some point – so please, please stand with us and help make our voices louder.

I do have a few other requests that could make all the difference in a child’s life….

– Please stop lying to parents (even if you don’t know you’re lying) about them not being able to get into school without having all of their vaccinations.
– Please do not belittle parents who are concerned about vaccinating their very young, very small babies who do not yet have developed immune systems as if they are uneducated
– Please do not vaccinate sick babies
– Please stop telling parents to use tylenol before/after vaccination. Tylenol depletes glutathione – please look it up. Please tell the doctors that you work for this as well.
– Please do not mix one vaccine with another and think that this is acceptable. and please do not inject one vaccine into one leg and one vaccine into another leg and think that this is acceptable either. Parents will come back for another visit. Hey, more visits = job security for you.
– Please do not back us into a corner and force us to do something that is the exact opposite of what you would do for yourself or your family
– Please stop using scare tactics and fear mongering when you know you wouldn’t give your own baby that vaccine.
– Please do not act as if you are more educated about vaccines than parents are. In most cases, this simply is not true anymore.
– Please do some research for yourself – the holes in the research will amaze you.

Our voices were heard in Albany!

An estimated 700 health care workers, activists, and concerned citizens gathered on the steps of the state house at East Capitol Park on Tuesday, September 29, 2009, starting at 10:00 am for a peaceful but passionate three-hour rally to protest the recent Executive Order from the New York State Department of Health requiring seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccination of all health care and related workers in New York State. (Click title to read more)

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