Nicholas’s “Masterpiece”

A couple of things blew us away today – Nicholas spelled his name from beginning to end with no help whatsoever.

Tonight, as we were eating dinner, Nicholas was drawing. His drawing tonight was unlike anything we have ever witnessed with him before. On the first drawing, he drew a smiley face. It wasn’t scribbles, he didn’t draw the circle for the head several times. Just one solid line around, eyes, nose and mouth. He’s done this before – every once in a while…. but this time he added hair and ears. He didn’t launch into the scribble, scribble, scribble he usually does when he gets frustrated. He drew the picture and then started writing his name on his paper.

Then he pulls out another sheet. And he draws another face with different hair, wrote his name underneath it – and then drew a rainbow over the head. This one was his “masterpiece” and he wanted tape to hang it up. We watched him in awe drawing this. He actually opened one marker at a time, used that color, put the cap back on it and picked another color. There was no dumping of the box of markers all over the table. There was no using 6 different colors at the same time. There was no fast and furious scribbling. This was all though out drawing – and he was telling us about this picture as he was drawing.

He went for another big bike ride with daddy tonight. He brought home a rock collection for me to see – he would stop along the way and pick out a rock to bring home for mommy. When I got home, he was very proud to show me his “rock collection” – he showed me the big one and the small one – the round one, the flat one, etc. Very proud. Very, very proud of his collection.

He had karate last night – and he did great again. He joins right in during circle time, follows along well and listens to instructions. And he LOVES it. When he’s done, he runs over and says, “I did it!” He loves showing us what he’s learned that day. We saw a slight struggle with him getting dressed in the uniform initially, but he doesn’t seem to care anymore. He’s counting in Korean now too – has been since the 2nd lesson. So, he can count in English, Spanish, Chinese and now Korean. (I wish he’d focus on English, but we’ll take it! 🙂 When we arrived last night, we got there a bit early. There was another little girl there waiting for her brother to finish, so she started talking and playing with Nicholas. They played tag – she ran him all over the place and he had such a good time playing with her. I thought it might throw him off getting into class, but it didn’t at all.

Every day he blows us away. Every day, he exceeds our expectations which are constantly being reset lately. We are so incredibly thrilled with his progress. He is just amazing!

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