What a great Halloween!!

Nicholas had an amazing Halloween – we are so thrilled with his progress and the changes in him – every day he blows us away. Every single day.

Friday, he had his school Halloween parade and party. We went to watch the parade and this year, we could tell Nicholas was looking for us in the crowd. The past 2 years, he never looked for us and if he saw us, he’d not want to continue walking. This year, his face lit up as soon as he saw us and he finished the parade rather excitedly. We followed his class inside for the party and Nicholas was very excited to show us things in his classroom like his tree that he’s taking care of. When it was time for the class to sing their song, Five Little Pumpkins, Nicholas joined in, sang along with everyone else (he knew the words!) and did all the hand movements! In the past, for holiday parties, Nicholas was never really interested in participating in things like this. Nicholas seems to be friends with all of the kids in his class – and there are two girls in his class which it’s not hard to see really adore him. Nicholas stood really well to have his picture taken with his class, teacher and classmates.

Today, as soon as the first child rang the doorbell, Nicholas wanted to go Trick or Treating. So we threw on part of his costume (it was very warm out today) and we were off. We met up with some other neighborhood kids and all went around together. Nicholas was one of the pack and was having the time of his life running from house to house with the other kids. He was thoughtful about the 2 year old who was lagging behind and wanted to make sure he was included with the rest. Nicholas always said “trick or treat” and made sure to say “thank you” when they gave him candy. When we got home, he was excited to show everyone his loot – and spent the rest of the afternoon handing out candy everytime the doorbell rang. He wished everyone a Happy Halloween and was very cute handing out the candy.

This was much, much different from last year. We didn’t trick or treat by ourselves. We walked for quite some time before he got bored and wanted to go home – and if his feet didn’t start hurting (that’s how far we walked), then I am sure we would have gone farther. He didn’t have to be coached on what to do – he just followed all the other kids. He actually wanted to go, no asking him, no coercing him, the kids were doing it and he wanted to go with the kids too. It started to rain and he didn’t care. He didn’t even care about the candy (he’s not a big candy kid) – he just wanted to go out and have fun with the other kids.

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