A Decade Of Questioning Harm And The Autism-Vaccine Connection

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A Decade Of Questioning Harm And The Autism-Vaccine Connection

“”President Obama, can you please explain why HHS, along with the local and federal law enforcement agencies would not allow a person to pour Thimerosal (an ingredient in some vaccines which contains ethyl-mercury) onto the stone plaza outside the HHS building in protest because it is classified as hazardous waste?”

“Did you know if the amount of ethyl-mercury in one dose of a Thimerosal containing H1N1 vaccine were spilled on the ground HazMat would be required to clean it up?”

“Do you find it logically inconsistent that something is toxic and hazardous to humans when on pavement but not when injected into babies?”

“Why is your administration recommending children and pregnant women receive flu vaccines containing 25 micrograms of ethylmercury each, dismissing any harm to humans when 25 micrograms of ethylmercury is well in excess of what the EPA considers hazardous and the manufacturer of Thimerosal says it should not be injected into humans period, rather than mandating Thimerosal free vaccines for this population?”

“Ok, regardless of whatever study might be cited, do you think injecting a baby with something that bears a skull and crossbone symbol on the label is prudent?”

Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/shelley-hendrix-reynolds/a-decade-of-questioning-h_b_311673.html

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