Round 68 Complete!

Another one bites the dust!

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2 Responses to “Round 68 Complete!”

  1. Kristine Lewis says:

    Hi …I just started reading your blog 4 days ago and want to say “thank you” you have provided a wealth of invaluable information. I sent you an e-mail several days ago, but got a lot of those questions answered as I continued to read through “everything” on the site. I also ordered Andy Cutler’s books and can’t wait to get started chelating my son Micah. I do have a question after looking at his web site. When you start chelating are you able to supplement with any amino acids or is it just glutathione that you shouldn’t “supp”? Again I can’t say thank you enough for your transparency…..Micah’s Mom

  2. Mom says:

    Hi Kristine!
    I did not stop aminos while chelating. I have stopped them now because I suspect they caused him to gain too much weight, but not for any other reason.
    How has the glutathione been working for you? If it’s working, I would think twice about removing it. If you’re not seeing much, I wouldn’t keep spending the $$ on it.
    I have had your reply open on my pc for days — so sorry, I am a bit behind!!! I’m going to finish it now….

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