Why Signing a Waiver to Avoid Vaccines Can Be Considered Abuse

I have been saying this and saying this and saying this….. you just don’t sign this, you find another doctor.

Why Signing a Waiver to Avoid Vaccines Can Be Considered Abuse
by Anai Rhoads Ford

Recently, the Washington Post printed an article about vaccine waivers that could jeopardize your parental rights: “The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that doctors ask parents who refuse to vaccinate their children to sign a waiver indicating they are aware of the risks of refusal.”

Note: Despite that vaccines have been linked to asthma, autism, diabetes, and sudden infant death syndrome, the author implies that parents are being overly theatrical about the shots.

Know Your Rights

By endorsing this particular waiver, parents would essentially be signing an admittance of neglect and/or “abuse” for refusing vaccines. The language contained in this waiver could put parents and caregivers in jeopardy down the line if they should ever find themselves in court due to their child’s health problems, confronted with child protective services, in a divorce, or in just about any matter pertaining to that child that could be used against the parent(s).

Please read any waiver provided by your child’s doctor carefully before signing. Instead, offer a formally written and signed letter that simply says that you do not wish to vaccinate your child. If you are unsure of the language in the waiver, buy some time by telling your doctor that you need to consult with a lawyer before signing it.

Know your rights – say no to vaccines. Your doctor will try to bully you – you have the right to refuse anything you feel is harmful to your child. If your doctor won’t listen, go to another doctor who will.

Check your state’s laws regarding exemption. Most states will allow you to avoid vaccinations if you have a religious or ethical reason. However – keep in mind that it is your right not to disclose your faith or your full reasons for not wanting to vaccinate your child.

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Why Signing a Waiver to Avoid Vaccines Can Be Considered Abuse

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