Saturday with Mommy & Nicholas

Nicholas is a very different child than he was 6 months ago, a year ago. I would even have to say that he’s a different child from the one he was 3 months ago. We could not be happier with his progress…

We just got back from Toys R Us. He’s downstairs happily playing a new game. He asked me earlier today if he could go buy a particular game for our Nintendo Wii. This was our conversation verbatim….
Nicholas: “Mommy, I really like the Dora Saves the Snow Princess game, can I go buy the Dora & The Crystal Kingdom Game?”
Mommy: “I think so, we need to get dressed first though”
Nicholas: “Ok, you go take a shower and I’ll get my clothes.”
Mommy: “Ok. Do you want to watch a DVD while I get ready?”
Nicholas: “Yes, can put Little Einsteins on for me?”
Mommy: “Yes”
Nicholas: “Thank you, Mommy”

Woah – I’m so used to conversations like this anymore that it doesn’t blow me away until I write it down.

So, I get dressed and I’m downstairs waiting for him…

Mommy: “Nicholas, Mommy’s ready to go – do you want to go or watch your DVD?”
Nicholas: “I’m coming…” as he runs down the hall
Nicholas: “Is there still snow? Should I wear my boots? Mommy, where are my boots?”
Mommy: “Yes, the snow is still there. Do you want to wear your boots or sneakers?”
Nicholas: “Boots” he grabs them, ‘Mommy, can you help me put these on, I have trouble with them?”
Mommy: “Sure, Nicholas”
Nicholas: “thank you Mommy. Can you get my jacket off the hook? I can’t reach it.”
Mommy: “Here it is.”
Nicholas: “can you help me get it on?”
Mommy: “Sure.” I helped him get his coat on. “Wait for me, I need to put mine on.”
Nicholas: “Do you need me to help you with your coat?”
Mommy: “No, thank you, I’ve got it – ready to go?”
Nicholas: “Hooray!”

So, we’re on our way to Toys R Us. Nicholas comments about the snow, the huge puddles we’re driving through. He says, “Mommy, the snow is melting, that’s why there are so many big puddles, right?”

We walk through the parking lot and go into Toys R Us with Nicholas standing BESIDE me. No shopping cart. No death hand-holding grip. He’s commenting on the people shopping and going into the other stores to buy different stuff, but not toys.

We go into the store and he asks if he can look at the trains. So, I said sure – we headed over to the Thomas stuff and he hands me something and says, “Can I buy this?” I told him we were there for a Wii game (or two) and we’d see. In less than 5 minutes he was done looking at the train stuff and we walked over to the games. We found Dora (locked up behind glass) and I said we have to go find someone to get it for us. So we went looking for an associate – and I asked them to open the case for us. We follow him back there and he asks which game. Nicholas says (and points) to Dora and the Crystal Cave – and says, “wow, look Mommy – can I get Toy Story too?”

We go to the register, he hands the games (yes games, I am a pushover) to the associate and says, “I’d like to pay for these please” and then hands him his TRU gift card he got for Christmas. After mommy paid the rest of the balance, we left with no incident.

This is what shopping is like with Nicholas now. There is no more screaming, tantruming, demanding child that there once was. There is no child that has to have EVERYTHING that he sees. I gave him a choice – the Thomas thing he picked out or the games. He picked the games – and said, “maybe I’ll get that another day” referring to the Thomas thing.

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4 Responses to “Saturday with Mommy & Nicholas”

  1. Kristine Lewis says:

    Oh Michelle! I rejoice with you!!! The best is yet to come!…..Kristine

  2. Mom says:

    Thank you so much Kristine!!

  3. valicea1977 says:

    Oh! Michelle this is wonderful!!!!! I loved when he wanted to help you with your coat!!!!
    Congratulations Michelle!!! Enjoy the whole thing!!!!!!!!!!!!! you deserve this and a lot more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mom says:

    Thank you so much!! We are definately enjoying every moment with him. Check out my newest post – he’s really amazing.

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