Update on Nicholas

We’re past the 70 rounds of chelation mark and an update is long overdue. During the past 20 rounds, Nicholas has made so many huge improvements that life for us is very, very different than it once was.

His language continues to grow in leaps and bounds. He still has some trouble with certain sounds, but from what I understand, the cluster of sounds he is having trouble with is not un-common and pretty much typical for all kids as their language is developing. As described by his teachers and speech therapist, his vocabulary is “tremendous”. They have found that there is nothing that he cannot correctly label – and they’ve tried to trip him up apparently. The things he says continue to amaze us all.

Nicholas has continued going to karate twice a week and is loving it. He quickly and easily integrated to be a part of the class, gets along with everyone, has friends there – and really looks forward to going. We don’t have any issue getting him to wear the uniform. When he comes out of the classroom, he’s excited and energized and just has the biggest smile on his face. He loves showing us what he’s learned when we get home.

He is doing so well in school!!! He’s reading lots of words, is writing letters and numbers and has actually started drawing pictures. Real pictures – from his imagination! About a month or so ago, he came home with two pictures – similar, but not the same. They are pictures of buildings. Each one has several floors with windows on each floor. In one picture, there is a student and a teacher in each window. In the other, just students. It is raining in both pictures. I recently had a parent teacher conference where I was able to ask if this came from a story they did in class and they had no idea where those pictures came from. They were blown away by them. Last week, he brought home a picture that he had drawn of several people. He actually drew body shapes – not just lines for the body and legs.

His coloring skills have improved greatly. For the most part, he is coloring in the lines and is using appropriate colors. No random scribbling. He also told a fellow student that she needed to color between the lines.

I was able to see part of an assembly they did for Presidents day where each child had a line to recite. I had no idea about this until I saw it on the teacher’s computer during our conference. Nicholas said his line – standing in line with the other kids – it was amazing to see!!

He’s doing really well socializing and chatting with the other kids in class and during snack and lunch. He comes home and tells me what he did in school and if any of his friends got punished and what they did that got them in trouble.

He goes to assemblies in school and doesn’t have to be held onto like he used to be. Now, he goes and watches the presentations and actually enjoys himself.

Nicholas is doing so well on the computer that we had to buy him his own laptop – a real one, not a kiddie one. He’s learned so much from different learning sites like starfall.com and a whole bunch of others, that it seemed like a logical Christmas gift – after all, how many more toys does he need? It ended up being a great idea – his skills have blossomed and many seemed shocked at how much he can do by himself on it.

He loves going to the library at school and getting a new book to read. He loves show and tell too.

We can now take Nicholas pretty much anywhere and he behaves better than the NT kids. A couple of weekends ago, we went out for dinner – the first time in a long time (we’ve been cooking alot since having our kitchen redone). When we first walked in, the restaurant was SO loud that it hurt my ears – Nicholas covered his ears for a second, said it was loud – we agreed. Here’s where I thought we were goners… but nope, he sat at the table and was a perfectly behaved kid the entire meal. We brought along his nintendo ds and he played a couple of games, but was also interacting with us as well. He didn’t just sit there with his head down the whole time. When our meals came out, he ate with us like the perfect little gentleman. (There was a table right next to us with kids on one end, adults on the other. The kids were loud and roudy as can be (with not one word from their parents) – all while Nicholas behaved. On the way home, Daddy, Grandpa and Grandma stopped at Dairy Queen to pick up some ice cream. Usually, Daddy and Grandpa will go get the ice cream and Nicholas hangs out in the car – not this time. He wanted to go with them and order ice cream. He gets up to the window and the girl asks him what he wants and he says, “I want a white one please” then added that he wanted vanilla. She asked him if he wanted sprinkles to which he said yes and then chose rainbow sprinkles. (He does not like eating sprinkles, but loves looking at them) I was so sorry I missed this, but just hearing about it blew me away. (Yes, he can now have casein without any reaction. No enzymes either.)

He understood who Santa Claus is and was so excited about him coming from early November. He made a list for Santa and marked days off the calendar mid-November until Christmas. He understood what valentines day was and was excited to give his classmates valentines. He’s now looking forwad to Easter so he can find and color easter eggs.

He recently realized just how many DVDs are in his collection. They’ve always been in his armoire, but he suddenly noticed all of them. He had to take them all out, check each one out and is watching one at a time. He’ll either tell me, “I really like this, are there any more like this?” or “I don’t like this, can I watch this instead?”

He seems to want to do really physical boy things lately. Last weekend, he tried to flip his grandfather over the back of the couch. He quickly realized that he wasn’t gonna budge grandpa. He leaned up against the back of the couch and went and got a chair. None of us knew what he was doing, but didn’t stop him. He positioned the chair in front of grandpa – then he lifted one of his legs up and put it on the chair (throwing off his center of balance) and then lifted the other leg to help hoist him up and over the couch. NO one showed him how to do this.

He loves to race from one end of the house to the other. He will not leave his competitor behind and always takes turns when it comes to who wins. He wants to hang finish lines up across the doorway between rooms.

He asks to go places and to do things. He thanks us for taking him places and for buying him things.

More of his sense of humor comes through every day. If one of us says one thing, he jumps into the conversation to deliberately disagree with us and then runs away laughing.

He wants friends to come over and play – all the time.

He asks to see people he has not seen in a while – even if they’re never mentioned in front of him. So, he’s remembering people on his own and wants to see them!

He wants to help do everything – especially cooking. I cannot believe how well he can crack an egg!

He asks for specific things he wants.

I can count the number of tantrums he has in the past 12 months on one hand – and those were provoked to see how he would handle himself. Just this difference in him is astounding.

He’s very into arts and crafts, drawing and painting, making stuff out of play-dough (not just squeezing it and rolling it) – and is very into reading books and trying to read by himself.

He is very eager for spring to arrive – he wants to plant flowers and food. And yet, he loves to go outside and help shovel the snow. He made his first snowman recently – and was just thrilled he helped put him together. He ran to the window to check on him several times and thought we should bring him inside for the night.

He went sledding yesterday for the first time – and he had the time of his life – we never heard him laugh like that – ever! We could never take him before, he just never “got it” and he would never sit in the tube. He has been begging to go sledding again all day.

On things that we’ve done for him or are trying to do for him – we now get told, “I want to do it by myself”

One thing I thought we would never be able to do with him that truly broke my heart was to be able to see him enjoy Disney World. After getting off the phone with Disney reservations the other day, I cried. Not many people would understand why. Not many would truly understand the accomplishment that this is – none of us ever thought we’d be here. Nicholas is bubbling over with excitement and wants to get on the plane to see Mickey every day. (and he also wants to bring all of his friends.)

I almost forgot a few of the biggies…. we’re getting WHY questions and HOW questions. And now he’s very interested in science things like how does water become ice? And he wants to know if things are real and how we know if they’re real?

I don’t remember if I ever made reference to this on here, but a couple of months ago – Nicholas showed Grandma a picture of daddy, grandpa and great grandpa. Nicholas was 9 months old when great grandpa died. He said, there’s daddy and grandpa and great-grandpa, he’s in heaven and has to come back to earth. (We never TOLD him great grandpa died, he was too young, we didn’t have to.)

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7 Responses to “Update on Nicholas”

  1. T Critch says:

    Wow, your son is a miracle. I cried reading a lot of it. All the little things are so HUGE, and other people don’t understand the significance. We are still a long way from there, and it sometimes feels like we will never get there. But reading these kind of outcomes and improvements keep us going. Our kids are such troopers enduring all that they do as we work towards recovery. Happy for you guys!

  2. Amy in Idaho says:

    Fantastic! Your journey has been truly amazing and inspiring. As my son develops more spontaneous speech and expression, I’m amazed at the things he references. These are things that were going on around him in the ‘darkest’ of times yet it’s evidence that he was aware of things and was processing them. I’ve always felt that this was so and having him blurt out things just confirms it for me. It’s so important to tell our kids every day that we love them, that we believe in them and that they are capable of doing great things. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on these recent developments.

  3. Mom says:

    Thank you so much – you are right, they don’t understand the significance! They are the troopers, that’s for sure!!

  4. Mom says:

    🙂 I cried writing it by the way…

  5. Mom says:

    Amy – isn’t it amazing? Some of the things he says shock me to no end. These kids hear EVERYTHING even if you think they didn’t hear anything. They are in there soaking it all in. Last summer, we had to put my parents dog down – we never said a word… one day while playing, Nicholas says with one train to the other, “Max is in the hospital dying” – I was so taken back. I knew he heard me say Max and hospital, but I never said dying to anyone. – Then, not long ago, Nicholas is looking at a picture with my father in law, husband and his grandfather. He points at the grandfather and says he’s in heaven and needs to come back to earth. Where that came from, I will NEVER know. A while ago, Nicholas said to me, “Mommy, I want my voice back!” – This one in particular blew me away. I never used that terminology. I asked him what he meant, he said he was having trouble talking. These kids are all in there, we just need to get them out.

  6. Summer says:

    Michelle, I haven’t had a chance to read in detail, but just scanning thru blew me away. What fun you are having!! 🙂 I’m curious… how much of the AC chelation do you feel played a part in Nicholas’ progress versus the other supplements combined?

  7. Mom says:

    Summer, I think AC chelation played a huge role in his progress – maybe 80% of it or even more.

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