Pollen, pollen go away…

Nicholas’s poor eyes always seem to get the brunt of allergy season. He gets better, more managable once it rains, but until it rains, it’s brutal. The whites of his eyes get all distorted, swollen and puffy to the point of looking like they are cemented shut. This year, Claritin failed us. Last year, we did well on Claritin with the occasional dose of Benedryl, but Zyrtec failed us. I had to move to Benedryl to keep his eyes okay and this was on top of keeping him in the house on absolutely beautiful days where all he wanted to do was go outside and play. Benedryl quickly started to fail. We went from dosing 2x a day to almost every 2 hours and that’s when I decided to get off of this crazy roller coaster.

A homeopath recommended Euphrasia Officinalis 30C and it worked like a charm and in less than one hour. Boiron makes it and I found it at my local Whole Foods and Vitamin Shoppe for less than $7.00.

Just sharing in case it helps someone else.

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