Classical Homeopathy and Autism

Classical Homeopathy and Autism

Classical homeopathy has been used with some success to both alleviate mental and physical symptoms, and sometimes to cure individuals with autism. Many parents have reported significant improvement in their autistic children after the children received homeopathic care.
In classical homeopathy, remedy selection involves addressing the person in totality by looking at the following:
– Behaviors
– Physical Symptoms
– Emotional Symptoms
– Genetic weaknesses (also identified as miasms or constitutions)
– Environmental factors such as vaccinations, drugs or other environmental toxins

If the remedy is correctly selected on the totality of symptoms, then improvement may be seen in all areas. Homeopaths try to determine the individual’s susceptibility, ie. Individual weaknesses in the vital force, to both cure and prevent a re-occurrence of symptoms. The first effort should be to take a full case and give the remedy that most closely matches the individual’s expression of their disease. It is a widely held belief in many circles that the MMR vaccine has catapulted ASD to its current level of epidemic proportion. To the extent that vaccines have been involved in a particular case, the potentized vaccine may also help.

Though many ADD/HD individuals have been helped by homeopathy, it is still believed that a full recovery through homeopathy is not usual. However, many homeopaths see big improvements in the symptoms and behaviors of ASD individuals, even when there is not complete recovery. Starting treatment as early as possible improves the chance of a successful recovery from autism. Ideally treatment should begin before age 5. It has been observed that as children with ASD age, they seem to become more distant and it is harder to bring them back. Cases are also often complicated by other interventions such as allopathic drugs, vaccinations, behavioral therapies, etc.

Curing autism can be a long term project, taking months or even years, as the homeopath deals with various layers and tries to understand the individual well enough to select the true simillimum. When a remedy is found that resonates, the effect is usually quite evident and significant improvements can be seen. Homeopaths ask parents to not introduce other treatments or interventions in the earlier stages of homeopathy, so they can observe the direct effects of the homeopathic treatment.

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