Autism “Awareness” Day

It is again Autism Awareness day. If you are reading this blog, then I’m pretty sure, you’re all to familiar already with autism.

Are you aware that vaccines cause autism?
Are you aware that the research studies that show there is no link are flawed and if you read them you would see how?
Are you aware that thimerosal is STILL in vaccines even though it may not be listed as an ingredient?
Are you aware that thimerosal isn’t the only ingredient you SHOULD be worried about?
Are you aware that the odds of your child being compensated for a vaccine-injury is probably one in a million?
Are you aware that one of the biggest pediatric practices in the United States does not vaccinate and has no autism?
Are you aware that the rate of autism has grown exponentially and will continue to rise?
Are you aware that if you are not touched personally by autism now that you will be before you die? (Do you care?)
Are you aware that diseases were already on their way out before the vaccines were introduced?
Are you aware that in a high percentage of cases of measles, etc that we hear about on the news to scare us that those children WERE vaccinated?
Are you aware of all of the vaccines in line to be added to your child’s vaccination schedule? (did you think there were alot now – you ain’t seen nothing yet!)
Are you aware that many states offer vaccine exemptions?
Are you aware that you’ve been lied to, that your child DOES NOT need to be fully vaccinated in order to attend public school?

I could go on and on and on. But the main thing to be aware of today is this – you need to be AWARE of the things going on around you. We no longer live in the time where we can go to our doctor and implicitly trust everything he/she tells us. We cannot read research studies and assume that the scientists doing the research have their fellow man’s best interest at heart and not their own financial gain. We can no longer trust what we see on the news or tv.

Be you and your child/family’s own advocate. Educate yourself. Spread your awareness to others!

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