Homeopathy for Hay fever and Seasonal Allergies

Homeopathy for Hay fever and Seasonal Allergies

Willa Keizer, CCH, Certified Classical Homeopath
When the weather warms and plants start blooming in the spring, it’s usually good news– unless you have a problem with seasonal allergies or hay fever!

Luckily homeopaths have been treating hay fever successfully for decades using safe and time tested homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy is a holistic system of healing that involves bringing your body’s energy, or vital force, back into a natural state of balance.

The most effective way to deal with allergies homeopathically is to consult with an experienced practitioner who will choose a constitutional remedy for you to address the allergies and any other physical or emotional imbalances you may have.
The remedies listed below are some of the remedies that can be used on a symptomatic basis to relieve allergy symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are highly individualized, as you can see from the descriptions below. They can be tried at home for temporary relief, but for permanent relief, please visit a homeopath!

Allium cepa is the number one remedy for allergies and is useful if you have lots of sneezing and a clear watery nasal discharge. The discharge may burn the nostrils and upper lip, and the eyes may water a lot too. The symptoms get worse in a warm room, indoors, and in the evening, and are better in open air. The throat may tickle with a dry painful cough. It’s also helpful for colds that come on during wet weather with these symptoms.

Arsenicum may be indicated if you are suffering from violent sneezing along with a throbbing frontal headache. You may feel weak and chilly, with burning discharges, and feel better from heat. It can be useful for colds that come on from getting chilled when overheated if the symptoms fit.

Euphrasia can be brilliant for allergy symptoms that are centered around the eyes. This includes watery irritated eyes, with spasmodic bouts of sneezing. Symptoms are worse in the open air, in the morning, and when lying down.

Nux vomica is good for dry, tickling, scraping sensations in the nose or sinus, especially if the nose is stuffed at night and runs during the day. You may feel may feel chilly, sensitive to drafts, and irritable. This remedy is especially helpful if you have been touchy and reactive after working too hard before developing the allergy symptoms.

Natrum muriaticum helps when there is a heavy nasal discharge that looks like raw egg white. The discharge may be accompanied by a heavy bursting headache over the eyes. You may be thirsty, and suffer from loss of smell and taste from the allergies, and feel worse from heat and the sun.

Dulcamara symptoms include a nose that stuffs up with cold rain, as well as an earache from change of weather. You may be worse in cold wet weather or when there’s a sudden change from warm to cold or dry to moist. You may feel better from warmth. The associated mucus may be thick and yellow.

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