ONE HEART, ONE MIND BY PIERRE FONTAINE – Case 1 – Nicholas’s Initial Appointment

Hello everyone,

I’ve spoken alot about Nicholas’s recovery on this blog – and have shared the details of our consultations with Pierre with some of you as well. For those of you new to this battle, I want you to know that recovery is possible. My experience is my story and what didn’t work for me might work for you – but I hope, that whatever will work for your child finds you like homeopathy found me. Biomed beat me down. The endless researching wore me out. Getting up every 4 hours every weekend to do Cutler’s protocol also wore me out as well – and it never seemed like there was an end in sight with that. Those parents helping others with his protocol just kept moving the goal posts towards recovery. First it was 100 rounds, then it was 200 rounds and so on and so forth. And even as we were approaching 100 rounds, Nicholas was nowhere near recovered. Improved, yes. Anywhere near recovered, no way, not even close. We were broke from the supplement bills. The doctor’s bills were ridiculous and the appointments with the big name doctors didn’t provide me with much information that I didn’t already know. We came to a cross-road just six years ago this week. I had some money from our income tax return and it was either Pierre or it was Amy Yasko’s testing. You can obviously tell which decision I made – and it was the best decision I ever have made in my life.

So with that, here is Nicholas’s case. I can almost remember this conversation like it was yesterday. It had to be the most bizarre conversation I had in my life. It got in the car wondering what I had done – did I just waste the chance to help my son?

And then, it happened, Pierre told me what his remedy was. And of course, I pulled up the Materia Medica and I read it. And I didn’t know whether to cry or to be mortified from what he had seen in me that night.

Still wondering if I was doing the right thing, still wondering if I was crazy, I gave Nicholas his remedy for the first time… Here are the details from the initial consultation I had with Pierre. I will post the follow up details as well, so check back in the following days for those.

One Heart,
One Mind

Pierre Fontaine, CCH

The Case for Healing Autism

Case 1
03 March 2010

PDD – NOS. The pediatrician told us it is mild autism but I don’t think it is
mild at all.
He also has PANDAS.

He was OK until 12 months old but we could not get him to babble “bye”.
At 15 months, he seemed hard to reach. At 18 months, after a vaccination,
he went from babbling to not speaking anymore and opening refrigerator
door over and over again. He seemed to have a foggy head and his
understanding was totally gone.

His main stumbling block is his speech, which somehow seems to be worse
when the weather is cloudy.

When I started fish oil he started babbling. Then after I gave him vitamin E
and B12 we got a little more from him, he was a little more with us. We also
did seventy chelation courses.

On a scale from one to ten, how is he?
Eye Contact (EC): 1 without supplements, 4 – 3 (as if he can’t say
something and look at someone at the same time)
Spontaneous Interaction (SI): 2 without supplements
Spontaneous Speech (SS): 1 without supplements “barely any word”- 5
with but there is a lot of cloudiness.

Here is the list of supplements we give him. I saw improvement with
Glutamine within hours.
Lee Silsby ASD Pure Vitamin/Mineral formula – 6 Capsules per day
MB-12 Injections
BioTech Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – 5000 IU
Swanson Vitamin E Mixed Tocopherols – 800 IU
Klaire’s Micellized vitamin A – 5 drops per day
Swanson’s Triple Magnesium Complex – 1 cap per day
AMLA – 3-4 caps per day
Swanson Vitamin C – 3-4 caps per day
Swanson Biotin – 5mg caps
Omega Fish Oil / Cod Liver Oil / Essential Oils & Fatty Acids
Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3-6-9 – 3 gelcaps
Probiotics & Prebiotics
Culturelle – 2 capsules per day
Klaire Detox Probiotic – 2 capsules per day
Bioray Cytoflora – 5 dropperfuls twice per day
Amino Acids
none given at this time
Anti-fungals & Anti-bacterials, Anti-Virals, yeast-fighting, etc.
Enhansa from Lee Silsby – 1800mg per day — give No-Fenol with Enhansa
if child has phenol issues (red cheeks/ears)
Houston Nutraceuticals No Phenol – given with Enhansa only now
Houston Nutraceuticals Tri-Enza – with meals
For the liver
Liver life (2 dropperfuls per day)
For constipation
Oxypowder – (to keep his bowels moving) – only as needed (this stuff is
4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula – 200mg – 2 capsules 3x per day
Georges Always Active 100% Aloe Vera – about 2-4 ounces per day
Integrative Therapeudics Inc UBQH Patented Stabilized Reduced Ubiquinol
– 100mg 1 cap per day

We have done a lot of HBOT

What can you tell me about your pregnancy?
Autism was always on my mind but one big thing happened that caused me
a lot of stress… my brother told me I was worthless to him. It was such a
horrible conversation, after that there was constant screaming with him. I
gave him one month to apologize. He did not.

Besides this, I was thrilled. We were trying for quite some time. We could
not have been happier. The pregnancy was pretty easy. I actually lost weight
and failed the glucose test during the pregnancy but I controlled it with diet.
I ended up being induced and got an epidural and Pitocin. After the
injection, everything sounded metallic. I sounded like a robot but it resolved
a little while later. Fourteen hours later I had a C-section because he would
not come out. At birth he was given a vitamin K shot.

We started him with soy formula after three months and also Zantac because
he had stomach issues. We tried all kinds of formulas. He went back and
forth between diarrhea and constipation but mainly constipation. Beside his
stomach issues, he never got sick.
When he turned one, we started to notice it was really difficult to take him
outside the home. We realized he was neither pointing nor saying anything.

At this point, I began to read everything I could on the internet and we
started biomed. He got a little better but even the therapist we hired did not
know how to reach him. He clenched his jaw making himself all stiff, tense
and he would shake. This shaking thing was so weird.
After the Dtap vaccine, he cried and shrieked for 24 hours straight. It did not
matter who held him or what we offered him. After that, he wanted to be in
his bouncy thing all the time and he would cry when we laid him flat on his

At one point I pulled all the casein out of his diet but it didn’t make any
difference. Only milk made him worse. Cutting gluten out did not make a
difference either. He loved vegetables, I could have given him 10 pounds of
broccoli and he would have eaten it.

He could not have cared less to be by himself in his room. TV was the only
thing he paid 100 % attention to.

He had no fear whatsoever. He still does not have the typical fear other kids

How is he without supplements?
Without them he is like a dull version of himself; he just goes through the
motions. We need to change his supplements when he plays with water a lot.
He loves to play in water, filling cups. Everything always seems to be
around running water. He even took blocks to make a waterfall.

Without the supplements he gets upset very quickly, and seems to takes
things personally and does not understand well. I can’t take him to the store
because he is all over the place.

Describe “dull version” please.

He does not have any joy, happiness, motivation or any desire to go
anywhere. He just looks empty, without a soul, defiant and everything has to
be his way. He does not care about you. Nobody exists. He neither
acknowledges anyone nor wants to be around anyone. There is zero
participation, no answer or response. He is an empty shell without any
ability of absorption. He does not care about anything and can be extremely
focused on only one thing.

Tell me more about “not caring” about anything.

He does not have any sense of what is going on around him. If someone gets
hurt he walks away. He has no concept or comprehension, almost like a
blank sheet of paper. The only thing that matters is what he is stuck on at
that moment.

A blank sheet of paper?

He is like a newborn, there is no experience, just waiting to fill the paper,
with a soulless stare. There is nothing living behind that. It is difficult to
explain, it is as if he were blind; he does not have any ability to see or may

be he has seen too much. He can’t hear either but I know he can see and
hear. There is a disconnect between the eyes, ears and his brain almost to the
point of non-existence, almost as if he is not alive. No one else is around. He
can only see one small detail and nothing else.

Almost as if not alive?

He does not even look at anything. He is like a picture looking at a
picture. At times, he is so completely focused you would think he could get
sucked in by it, much like being mesmerized so that his brain starts to create
different images. I think it is like an oxygen mask for him. It is a way of
bringing life to himself just to be able to breathe.

Oxygen mask, able to breathe?

Yes, focusing removes the clouds and the sky gets completely blue. There
are kids running through a grassy field happy and playing, trees and fresh
air. It is a surreal type of place, an almost perfect place on earth. There is a
dog and a house in the distance, no adults. It is like “the little house on the
prairie.” It is almost a state of complete happiness and family-like feeling.
There is no care in the world, no worries. Perfection. Healthy, sunny,
friends, security and camaraderie.


All is very carefree with caring, kindness, and generosity. There is a white
house and there is no sense of any kind of fear. No jealousy and memories.

There is a red and white cat. No cars but big trees. There is a sense of fresh
air and breathing and running with the pack, enjoying the fresh air. There is
no work, nothing needs to be done, totally carefree, just run through the
hills, without a care in the world, just have fun and breathe the fresh air. It is
very freeing.

Like being brought back to life, almost like a rescue and being saved.
Breathing keeps hitting me. Just run, run, run and release the stress. It feels
alive. The muscles are hurting, they are being pushed to the limit and I am
gasping for air because I am breathing too fast. You don’t know what you
are running to, just continual running to clear the head. The muscles are
burning. It is paralyzing in a way.


Not in control of the running. It can’t be stopped. It is the same as being in
labor, which was forced. There is also constant worry. It is a feeling of being
drugged and numb but without being numb either. Nothing stops the pain. It
is as if the muscles are used to run a marathon. There is no power to stand.
No core power, just breathing.

No power…

Yes, no ability to walk or get up. There is no way to try to have energy
because there is no strength. It feels totally powerless. The legs are spent,
they feel very rubbery, I can’t get out of bed. Something is holding you
down. You’re a vegetable, tied down and can’t move. What is going to
happen to you is not in your hands. It is as if there is nobody and only the
mind is left but it is cut off from the body, it is not attached. You can’t feel
the legs. They are no longer attached to your body. You cannot move. The
body is like a heavy stone; it has no life.

Heavy stone?

A boulder, it is gray, it can’t be rolled. It is gigantic, as if it came out of the
side of a mountain. It is hard, rough and rigid. Lifeless. Solid. Shatterproof.
Almost protective. There is no feeling and you are unable to move.
Disabling. Impenetrable. It is hard. Can’t chip away at it. It is solid weight
that is frozen in place. Massive, and needs Atlas strength to lift the stone.

It just exists as a non-living object. Power is in its weight and size. No one
can move or penetrate it.

There are a lot of single words in your examples, please continue.

Negative, uncaring, unforgiving, obstacle, spiteful, blockage, angry,
deceptive, aggravated, harsh, unkind, unreadable, deceit, assumption,
fighter, etc.(20 minutes of single words.)

In many ways this case reads much like most cases of autism. The deep
disconnect with his surroundings and the hyper focus on only one object
are forever present features of autism. The hyper focus is there mainly
because it alleviates pain. The extreme discontent, because it triggers
discomfort, when he is taken away from the source of hyper focus is also
present in most cases. One can understand the beautiful state it triggers
from what his mom says. “It is the little house on the prairie.” What kid
would not want that 24/7? The problem here is several-folds.

First, it is “little house” like because it relates to the opening image
feeling of being totally carefree but the show is not about carefree; the
kids go to school and there are always difficult times.

Second, he can trigger this state within himself with hyper focus. It is a
drug like state. This is the Opioid excess theory behind the gluten-free,
casein free diet (GFCF) diet, that gluten and Casein trigger drugs-like
states. By staying away from these foods the symptoms of autism are
alleviated. Indeed in some cases the opioid state is triggered just like
focusing on a spinning wheel does. In this case, this type of state is not

The key to me, indeed, what was particularly unusual in this case was
the coldness/hardness that permeates through the whole beginning right
with the conversation with the brother. I mentioned in the Chapter
Three, that during pregnancy everything that happens is a reflection of
the state coming in through the mother. The problem with the brother
is an outward expression no one is aware of at the time. The list of single
words reflects that state: “harsh,” “obstacle,” “cold,” “unforgiving”
nature. That was singularly uncommon. Let’s be sure, we understand
this. The situation with the brother was singularly important because it
made a strong imprint. It is the resonance of the situation with the
vulnerability that was developing that is important. The same situation
in a different person could not have made any impression at all. This is

During the case, Mom plugged into something in a very unprejudiced
way. She deeply wanted a solution. In fact she didn’t want a solution,
she needed a solution and that is why she was speaking in a totally
unprejudiced way. She poured her heart out. Had she had any ego left
she would have sugarcoated this but there was no option. That is one of
the reasons this case did so well. A fantastic mom!

The remedy I recommended was Granite.
GRANITUM (lap-gr-m) 30 C

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